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In the 10 skill levels list what do they mean by a sharp 90, 180, or 360 degree turn? Is it like a spin where the tire pivots on the same spot or do they mean more like a U turn or circle?

Also, I’m looking for a new unicycle for less than $200, that’s durable, wheel big enough to ride for about 3-5 miles but small enough to have good control (I’ve heard both 20 and 24 are good, so which one?), cozy seat, and something with a frame colour other than silver. Can anyone suggest a good brand?

I have two other unicycles both very cheap. I learned to ride on one with a bent crank arm, and I’m currently using one that seems to work pretty well but is only an 18 in wheel so I can’t go distance easily and the inside of wheel is thick plastic.


First, you have to make it so that turning part is less than a square meter.

I’d go for a 24" wheel. If your going to be a combination of trick riding, and distance riding, a 24 is a good comprimise.

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=28 might be a good start. im sure others will follow with thier suggestions.

Dorian Try this site. www.unicycling.org/usa/levels
There some diagrams in it. Others will know more than me for some other sites. I agree with Max Dingemans on what he said to you.

I’d go for the 24" Unicycle with a Viscount or a Miyata Saddle.
Brands I’d go for is a Semcycle, Miyata, United or a DM. Others will say a different one’s than me. I’m not that offended at all.
Good luck.


Get a 24" stealth Torker, its cheap $100… and will fit all the needs you mentioned.



But if you’re planning on doing any one-footed skills, the rounded crown on the stealth torker wouldn’t be good.


Why does everyone say that?!?

You can do 1 footed skills on a rounded crown I do them all the time. Its not any harder for me to put my foot there. And if your really that pressed for somthing for your foot to grip to get a hose clamp and some tape is that such a big deal?

The only time I see a flat crown making that big of a deal is when your trying really advanced moves like Guliding, and Stand Up Wheel Walking.

I bought the Torker Unistar 24 inch on ebay with a buy it now for $99 shipped. I saw some of the auctions going over $100 plus shipping, and I would have had to wait for the auction to end to find out if I won. I felt like $99 delivered was a fair deal. I have had it a week and can already go about 120 feet(36.57meters). I am fairly happy, but am already looking forward to outgrowing this and passing it on to my wife.:smiley: I have mountain biked for years, and look forward to the challange of taking my Unicycle offroad.

Returning to part of the first post on this thread: distances and wheel sizes.

There is no reason why you cannot do respectable distances on a 20 or 24. I have done 20 miles in a day on a 20. It just takes longer.

Seriously, a 24 with something like 110 mm cranks will get you about the place at ‘jogging’ speeds, and make relaxed 15 - 20 mile days easily achievable, and 5 mile trips a doddle - and it will still be versatile enough to go and play on the bumpy bits.

The single most important component of a long distance unicycle is the rider’s determination gland.:wink:

I don’t know how much rain you get in Pittsburg, but on my side of PA, rain + rounded crown + one foot skills = diaster.