Zyko Random Poop Vol. 1

whatevs. It’s bunches of clips that i haven’t done anything with.

Zachary W.

pretty cool!

wow that was REALLY good!

I didn’t really like the music, but the riding was great. :slight_smile:

wow i just realized how bad of quality it is. I’ll try and upload a hq version

wow, cool video;) i really like your style!!

HQ, once they get processed.


Man that was so good!

I liked the 5 set up. And great job on attempting that handrail.

What kind of fisheye lense are you using? and is your camera okay after falling over?

Thanks for the comments.

I use a kenko fisheye lens

The camcorder is still ok but the screen is now a bit loose after the fall (the screen was folded out and took most of the impact).

1:32 looked nice.

So close on the fifthflip!

Nice video.

You are one of my favorite riders lol. Everything flows nicely! Good luck with the fifthflip!

I thought that one footer looked sooo stylishh
Take it big down a set now!
Great video

Yeah I was planning on going for a 4 set or 5 set but never got around to it. It’s definately a cool looking trick if you really tweak your foot to the side.

sick…i liked it. i also liked the different style of music you used.

was that your shoe that flew off when you tried to grind the rail?

Ouch on the rail, that was an awesome vid though, really nice flow, riding and editing

Someone likes orange :wink:

Loved it. 1:31, I toooooootally invented that :stuck_out_tongue:

You do have a really nice, smooth style.

nice flat stuff.

the rail looked like you didnt even jump up,
just out.

I don’t know why either, I was just leaning forward a bit too much i guess.

Thank you, I knew some people would like the music and some wouldn’t. yea that was my shoe. (it got pried off when it hit the seat).

Thanks Jon.

Yes I like orange, Thanks.

Yea, thats the problem, I did a gazillion roll ups and then when I did go I didn’t fully commit which ended up hurting more:(. I almost broke my wrist and had to wrap it up for over a week.

Awesome stuff. Not a fan of the music, but it all went well together, I suppose. Ridding was saweet.