Has anyone tried the Ringle ZuZu pedals and would like to comment. Also has anyone tried the new snafu concave pedals that have the pins entering from the back and would like to comment. These are basicly the two pedals Im thinking about right now, but suggestions are welcome.

  Thanks Alot!!

On the Sun Ringle Zuzu the crossbar (where the row of 4 pins screw in on each end) is thin and will break. They are a good pedal for a Coker, but I wouldn’t use them on a muni or trials uni. I’ve seen the Zuzu on downhill bikes and the crossbar is usually broken.

The Sun Ringle Octane are an improved design because they have closed ends under where the crossbars are. If you’re looking for a muni pedal, look at the Octane rather than the Zuzu.

Pricepoint.com has the Zuzu for $29.98 and the Octane for $34.98. Those are great prices for a sealed pedal.

The Wellgo B-37 is also a good pedal if you can find it cheap. The B-37 has a shorter axle so the end cap doesn’t stick out at the side of the pedal and get all banged up. If you can manage to find the B-37 for about the same price as the Octane then I’d go for the Wellgo B-37.

I don’t know about the new Snafu’s.

Of course, what you really want is the Atom Lab Aircorp. Yummm. But even with a bike store employee discount they’d still be very spendy (retail is around $110 or $120 for the Aircorps and the lowest price online that I’ve seen is $95).


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 Simply Not true john.  What I want is Not the Aircorps.  They are still $60 with the discount,  AND quality doesn't carry atomlab parts.

  Does sound like the Zuzu's wont hold up though, thanx on that one.

By the way: [URL=B-37’s for $36 canadian]

By the way: [URL=B-37’s for $36 canadian]

hmmm, that didnt work.http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp;jsessionid=9kzM2bMkco62EAVj2aRCrhnocClT2Ouw3P35sPK6mJTRJjCmt0CP!-1097787507!170918943!2003!7002!-1793014599!170918944!2003!7002?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=119267&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=491059&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=491039&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=491093&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=491187&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=491127&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=491163&bmUID=1029976908869

not working either… maybe it got disconnected… sorry for the trouble.

Yuck, MEC makes some nasty long URLs.

$36 Canadian is around $23 US. Add in $5 Canadian to join MEC and the B-37’s are a great deal. But I didn’t look at shipping costs.
MEC is at <http://www.mec.ca/>
Look under Bike Parts -> Pedals

that is pretty good. but unless someone convinces me before 10:00 AM central tomarroww Im gonna get the New Snafu’s. Just what I can get for selling my tenderizers. I would get the B-37’s, but they are $40 with the discount, and Octanes arent in quality yet either… and quality doesnt carry the profiles in black… and they stoped carrying the Crupi platform pedals…

Anyway, thanks for the input.

Re: Zuzu!

“john_childs” <john_childs.as9jy@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> Of course, what you really want is the Atom Lab Aircorp. Yummm. But
> even with a bike store employee discount they’d still be very spendy
> (retail is around $110 or $120 for the Aircorps and the lowest price
> online that I’ve seen is $95).

I have them, they’re huge platforms and they grip very muchly, they’re on
my coker at the moment because I wanted a really big platform pedal on it.
If you’re worried about weight don’t go near them though.

I’ve got some azonic fusion magnesiums on my 29" which are quite cheap and
look pretty and grip very well. I’m not 100% convinced about the bearings
(unsealed), but I’ll have to see how they hold up to the UK winter.
Definately a step up from wellgos or V8/V12 imitations. If you ride mostly
in the dry I’d recommend them.


I just sold the pair of Azonic Mags I had because they didnt hold up well (pin holes ovalizing and not holding the pins in), and I decided to sell them while I could…

By the way, Im at school and it wont let me log in with my normal acount for some reason…

Max Dingemans

Re: Re: Zuzu!

The Atom Lab Aircorp isn’t heavy compared to other platform pedals.

Atom Lab lists the Aircorp as 21oz / 590g I haven’t actually weighed them myself to verify.

Good aluminum pedals seem to range from about 480g to 590g. There are some real heavy aluminum pedals out there like the BMW Shinburger at 844g. A lighter aluminum pedal would be something like the Shimano platform at about 490g.

To get lighter than that you get into things like magnesium. I prefer the durability of the aluminum pedals over the weight savings of magnesium.

Re: Re: Re: Zuzu!

i’ve been using Magnisium Shimano DX pedals for some time and i can barely see any differance in durability.i wonder what happened to those Lexin Atomic labs?they looked a like like a fad thing to me.

im currenly looking for a platform pedal that has a titainium axle upgrade availible.does anyone know what the lightest platform pedal is?

I just want to tell you to get the Shinburgers not just because they are boss, check it out…

Shinburger platforms

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zuzu!

Does Shimano make a magnesium platform pedal? Their current DX flavor platform is forged or cast aluminum alloy. I’m not aware of a magnesium version.

I’ve never looked for ultimate lightness in a platform pedal. Can’t give you any suggestions for a good light pedal.

Atom Labs has released their Ballistic pedal. The final version is heavier than the prototype version. Atom Labs lists the weight at 500g. Not necessarily a lightweight.

John,i always thought that my DX pedals were Magnisium.maybe i’ve been tricked?

they look Magnisium.i dont have the box they came in anymore,but if there not then i’ll rejoice because now i can go even lighter.

there has got to be a platform pedal with a TI axle option somewhere!lets find it.

Danscomp.com has all sorts of platform pedals, I believe the Crupi square cage pedals have a Ti option.

They also started carrying the Shinburgers! those things look great (although pretty heavy)

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thanks Max,i’ll check out Crupi.i like the S-burgs too but i thought they would be a little fat.

looks like Crupi only comes with a cage which would get flattened quikly.they cant be the only one with a TI axle though. :thinking: But i cant find any others.

i also couldnt find the Shimburgers on danscomp either,how much do they weigh?

oh and i cant belive how heavy those Ballistic pedals are,being plastic you’d think alot less than 19 ounces.thats more than most aluminum ones.whats the point?

the shinburgers are around 27 ounces. I did notice they arent on danscomps website yet, but they are in the most recent catalog. The Crupi platform pedals are very nice pedals, although they are not what your looking for (not the lightest).

Again, at school with no access to normal acount, Max Dingemans