Zurich over Xmas/New Years

Greeting fellow Unicyclists

I am doing my first overseas trip to Zurich between 19 Dec 08 and 3 Jan 09 and would like to meet up for a ride in the snow.

Anyone in the area keen ?

hi, there are some riders in zurich:

this is a club!

me and my friend live an hour away from zurich in the mountains, if you like muni we can meet or we’ll come also to zurich for some urban trial and street.
there is also a brand new freestyle indoor park in zurich:


Many thanks, please PM me your e-mail address and i send you an e-mail when i know for definate :slight_smile:

Just waiting to find out if i can get my VISA or not.

Viel Dank, bitte P.M. ich Ihr email address und ich schickt Ihnen eine eMail, wenn ich für definitives:- weiß) Gerade wartend, um herauszufinden, wenn ich mein VISUM erhalten kann oder nicht.

hi drjuzz

do you have a place to stay in Zürich? if not you could have may room I study in zürich and have a flat there with 2 other students but over this time we are all at home (not in zürich) so if you need a place to stay we have space enough.



The unicycling community is to cool for school, where else in this world do you get a complete stranger offering another a place to stay??? big up to ya Iten… you have show me that this world is still full of very cool people !!!