Zuns' Fo

Some of my unused footage, it goes back to when Pele came in Montréal (August 2008) to the Christmas holiday. Enjoy!

0:37 oh hugo ive never seen u get so crazy! seriously, even at new years u were shy as hell. and then 1:11 everyones got the virus!!

cool 6 set near the end! but he never jumped down the 11 :frowning: twas pretty huge tho

Haha, Hugo is usually reserved, but the 5 of us (1:11) are unicycling togheter since early 2007.

His cranks were bent, that’s why he didn’t try… plus they were venture so he was afraid that they would die jumping down the set. If he has his moments that day, he would have made it.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t feel like putting subtitles.

Ahahah ! Yeah, 1:11 was very funny. For some reason, we were trying to dance the macarena (sp?), but none of us knew how to.

That 11 looks big on film, but it’s not that big. I know I can make it, just like the other 11. I can’t wait for summer.

I loved that vid, I especially liked the clip with Julien’s stand still and the cameraman. Good times…

“Elles sont toutes fraîches !”

Thanks Émile !


It was me…

By the way, you’re missing something without sound.

Oups, sorry. So that’s why I was filming.

I got it now !

Isaac, I just looked more closely at your avatar. Did you bluntslide the 5 ?

Arggg !!! I just missed the edit time on my 540th message !

By the way, what does Zuns’ Fo stand for Émile ?

Nice vid!! How tall are you emile youre seat is sooo high?

It’s not high! At least not for me. I’m 6’2" which is 189cm… and thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah your seat is really high… even for 6’2" it looks a bit tall, but it’s all preference :wink:

Meh, I’d ride higher if it wasn’t of seat in jumps.

sure did :smiley: got it 2nd try (or maybe 3rd, i dont remember)

Nice ! Me too.

And we still have unused footage… :roll_eyes:


Oh, really? Well, except from your presentation and the clip at the last Taz ride, we don’t? I want to use those for another video.

T’es dans un local d’info hugo? moi je suis en programmation.
EDIT: nevermind, je viens de regarder ton horaire…

Atleast, I still have unused footage. Like the 14 set handrail (not the down flat down, the just down one) and crappy stuff from my garage and park. What did we film last Taz ride ? I can only remember our duo clip…

Ouais j’étais chez nous cet avant-midi. Quand j’ai vu ton message ce soir avec l’heure, je me suis dit : “merde, il a jamais d’école lui”. Puis, j’ai lu ton EDIT.


Thanks for the video Emile, made me want to go out for a ride but there’s about 2 feet of snow on the ground:(