ZOO YORK "Spread the Word"

A funny video of Zoo York Brand that I can’t understand anything! :smiley: but only watching it is… haha very funny! see it! and comment what is it the propose of the contest (that if I read English, I can understand better… ) :roll_eyes:
well, here it is! http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=teqkRLvdUTk

Haha, that wall street gag was awesome.

The purpose of the contest is to spread the word of Zoo York, so basically they are looking for people to advertise them in the most unique way and they will win some stuff in a contest.

Not sure how well it serves them though as to me it just seems like a good way to advertise a company while annoying lots of people. (At least the cockroach part anyway). The banner on the back of the taxi is non offensive at least.