ZOMG!!! Holy qu-ax!

Hello! I just got my new unicycle from udc and omg!! Its amazing!!! I had to peice together a cheap unicycle from well known brands (nimbus, maxis, qu-ax) It all goes together very well. The colors match nicely…

-to the point-
I took the hub and cranks out of the box they came in. Now i see why “qu-ax are built like tanks.” The cranks are about 6 inches are so long, then like extremely wide. The hub ways about 3lbs i think… Now I know my uni will never break. If you wish to see pictures i will make a follow up thread. But i need to get my rim laced and get the rim taped and put a tire and everything on it. So, I’ll probably have pictures by saturday or sunday.

The cranks are like hammers! Swear to god!

Oh nice, can you post pictures in this thread of the parts.