Zombies on off road unicycles - R rated!!!!

Check it out. The zombies put the bite their man in the worst possible place. Takes unicycle videos to a new low. :astonished:



did you make that?! It’s awesome!

the start was hilarious, great idea.

i am not sure about the zombie ‘bj’ though… (can i say that here?)

lol That’s awesome! I love zombie films, especially Romero ones :wink:

i have decided i can: zombie Bj! zombie Bj! zombie BJ!

Very well made! Who made it???

Thats sick! :astonished:

But awsome :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for the full vid:)

The prep for it.

That was the best thing Ive seen on Youtube in ages. Great quality picture. Creepy zombies. Disturbing ending… hahah good stuff.

Wow that was seemingly fairly big time production!

That is good.

that last bit scared me

lol i wanna see the rest

You have a sick demented mind, and I like it.
Good one

I liked the Dick Cheney comment.

ROFL that was very funny, nice one :slight_smile:

My problem is I hate the fake trailer concept, just make it s short film and forget all the other nonsense of fake quotes, etc.

The fake quotes allow for a lot of creativity on the part of the filmmaker(s). I thought it was rather well done.

Hahaha, that was excellent! Nice camera work!

They also allow for a lot of libel lawsuits.

This fake trailer thing is pretty common among wannabe filmmakers. There is nothing wrong with just making a short film, but since most people don’t see a lot of short films they try to emulate trailers, which is just silly. Let your film and idea stand on it’s own rather than pretending it’s part of something larger.