Zion Dub

Clips from a ride back in October 2012.

Entertaining even though I usually don’t like flat vids.

What I like best is prob the very creative locations.

The clip of riding the skinny should have been ~ twice as long or cut out IMO.

one of the better flat videos i have seen in a while!

Thank you. The locations were indeed so nice, that’s why Ed and I filmed, even if the riding wasn’t crazy.

I didn’t want to put the whole skinny riding in it because skinny riding is a skinny riding, it’s all the same after all and you all know what it looks like. I still wanted to show that I’ve done it and show how shaky it was after. [It was very shaky, there was a ~10ft drop on the other side and that railing was reflecting the sun right into my eyes making it pretty hard to ride]