Zimbabwe Unicycle Club

Here’s a video I recently edited of the unicycle club I started in Zimbabwe back in 1995-1997:

Zimbabwe was a very different place back then. I was the only “murungu” or white guy for about 50 miles in all directions. This just might have been the only unicycle club in the country at the time. It was definitely a hit with the students and the local community.

Unfortunately the video quality is not all that good. It was originally taken on video tape and later converted into a digital format.

Please let me know what you think.

Great to see the smiling faces :slight_smile: Do you know if the club is still going ?

Wow, that was really beautiful! Is the club still running?

Thanks! I donated the two Schwinn unicycles to the school so that the club could continue. However it’s been crazy in Zimbabwe these past few years with lots of people suffering. The e-mail address for the headmaster became inactive and my communication with the school ceased. I sincerely hope it’s still running to give the kids an escape from the daily hardship.

I love it :slight_smile:


Excellent video! Thanks for getting us out of our usual head space of uni spins, crank length, top speed and high jumps. This is all great stuff but its also very refreshing to see people just plain ol’ having FUN doing something unusual and difficult but worth mastering. Your donation of those two Schwinns made a big difference in their lives.
Are you spreading the unicycle “gospel” in Costa Rica too?


that was awesome, Great job on teaching them all.

Hehe, “spreading the unicycle gospel.” :slight_smile: I guess that’s exactly what I did in Zimbabwe.

In Costa Rica there’s already a strong unicycling community, particularly in the Central Valley…in and around the capital of San Jose. Unfortunately I’m out here in the boonedocks of northern Costa Rica, too distant to really socialize with the Tico unicyclists.

:slight_smile: The video is fantastic. Thanks a lot for 3 minutes smiling. :slight_smile:

That was very awesome! Thanks for sharing!