ZHI trials rim.

I was looking for some trials bike vids for the post in JC and I came across something interesting.

The ZHI trials rim.

It looks very similar to the Koxx rim but I think its wider and I think it looks a bit beefier.


Has anyone ever tried, heard, or even seen this rim before?

I don’t think there are any 32 hole uni trials hubs.

Drop me a line if you’d like a wheel based on this rim. :wink:

GUI- the rim is 48 hole…the 32 holes refers to the big bores in the rim that make it lighter

as for the rim itself it looks exactkly like a try-allbut maybe lighter cuz the holes in the rim are bigger on this one

Correct me if im wrong, but don’t the holes in the rim make it less strong? I would rather know that my rim is strong rather than save a few grammes. Maby this is down to personal preference but i don’t mind lugging the extra weight around, i like my uni to be beefy.

Ride on!

Well its for bike trials and i think weight is very important, also i dont think holes in that place effect strenght very much.

luke, do you ride bike trials? just wondering.

Um, maybe I’m not getting something but how can there be 32 big holes and 48 spoke holes? From the picture they seemed to be spaced evenly, so unless the big holes aren’t drilled between every spoke hole, or they toss some extra spoke holes closer together, 32 holes would be the number of spoke holes and drilled holes. And from the website
“These are sweet rear rims from ZHI. 48mm wide, drilled, 32 hole in red, green or gold. For stockbike (26”) or rear of mod bike (19"). NOTE: these rims are too wide for older stock bike frames to set up rim brakes with, always tell us what type frame you have so that you might have the correct choice first time around."
Now, I imagine they would list the number of spoke holes in the description, seeing how that is more critical then how many other holes are drilled in it.
As far a drilling holes in the rim, the rim’s are huge and engineered with the intent of drilling holes in it. The metal in the middle of the rim isn’t as critical because of the particular stresses experianced by the rim. The stresses may be different for uni and bike trials though, so it doesn’t neccesarily make it a better rim for everything.

haha, did you just pull that out of your butt?


where can i get a good trials bike for CHEAP?

Looking for a used one is probably the only way.

ill sell you my monty 219 for 200$

how long will you have it for?

i gess you mean how long have i had it for? and i have had it four like a year