z'Fridä Muni

A great muni weekend in a awsome landscape with awsome people! We found awsome Trails and have been in such a flow, that we didn’t film alot of the very technical riding :slight_smile:
there was:
Sand Ries (MOMO’ciclo, Triton)
Ben Soja (Mad4one)
Lorena Schwerzmann (Quax, Ursli, MOMO’ciclo)
Florian Kaiser (Quax, Ursli, Triton)
Jamie McCaughy (Ursli, MOMO’ciclo)
Markus Büchel aka turtle (Ursli, Triton)

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of good time and great scenery !

Wow. I am so jealous. Friends, fresh air, mountains and unicycle. I just ride alone in the San Gabriel River and Griffith Park(mt. hollywood drive).