Zero Saddle and 27.2 Pivotal Post

KH Zero Saddle with 27.2 Pivotal Seatpost.

The hole for the pivotal bolt got 4mm larger when I tried to increase the angle.

Other than that the KH seat post is uncut.

Price for both $175 shipped.

Too much flex with tbar for me and not sure about durabily on trials unicycle.

PM will be responded to in order.

Can post more pictures if anyone in the US is interested. Thanks.



Wow! that was quick

I am probably just ticked that the hole got a tiny tear so quick and there is more flex than having a reinforment plate with a ghetto flat seat. This may end up being a good thing for shock absorbtion. It probably just needs time. If someone is interested cool, if not I will close the thread in a day or two.

Close up of hole for pivotal bolt.

Better pictures taken this morning.


$160 Shipped in USA

$160 Shipped in the USA.

Considering UDC US this will cost $140 or UDC Canada $160 shipped to the US and neither have any in stock until the end of June and then only 10, this price seems fair.

The seat has never been dropped and will be shipped in original packaging.

Iā€™m all about buying this seat and post, so hit me back and done deal.

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I will send you a PM. Thank you.

Sold. Thank you Straightarrow!