Zero Plant

This is probably a stupid question, but what should I do to learn a zero plant? Is it as simple as just jump off, and kick the pedals, or should I like learn a no-footer and go from there?

i just learned this trick tonight, i started by learning to just plant without spinning the crank and once i got comfortable i added the crankspin.
i pretty much jump up, pull the uni forward as im kicking the petal, plant my foot and jump back up.

I also want to know whats a correct zeroplant? You can’t kick the unicycle to much forward can you? WHat are the regulations?


haha yeah im likie u i wana learn this trick to but i dont know how to start or if i need to know any other trick to be able to do this.:o

Maybe this might help. :slight_smile:

I also just learned this it was fairly simple the 1 hard part for me was landing on the ground with one foot just start by hopping off on two feet and then to one

Wow, this thread is like a year old lol.

Honestly I learned zero pants and they’re really simple you just can’t over think them, but they didn’t help me learn crankflips at all, it seemed like it just made it harder to break the habit of jumping back.

how do you kick the pedals? :sunglasses: i just cant nail it haha

im having trouble with these…

sheesh, i remember when i was the coolest cat in town for doing a suicide mount. i’m gunna have a bunch of catch-up work to do.

I was trying it the Johanneson-way, with the video. It took 2 1/2 hours to get it done, and afterwards my knee hurt badly for 2 months. I won´t do it again, I guess.