Zero-Plant WheelWalk

I just posted this on youtube… Im not sure if it’s watchable yet…

If it doesnt work, wait a while for it to be accepted to the website :smiley:
Its a Zero-Plant WheelWalk, Does anyone ever do these? I’ve never seen one before… I was outside messing around and I thought about doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t looked like you kicked at all for the flip, stay over the uni a bit more and don’t pop it forward making the ground spin the cranks. Nice trick though.


I almost missed the actual unicycling part of the video though, I blinked in between the opening title and the ending credits :wink:

Film it from different angles and at different locations and maybe slow it down for a clip or two.

Its a Zero plant not a Zero flip.

And cool trick, I love doing jump mounts into wheelwalking so this seems right up my alley.

well I did kick, but it’s kinda out of view from the camera :slight_smile:

Ya, I was going to, but right after this trick it got totally dark :frowning:

Thanks :smiley:

looks cool

Does anyone know the correct name for this trick, or did I get it right?
Also, has this been done before or what? :smiley: