Anyone recomend a Zephyr or however you spell it , ive started unicycling about 4 months ago or so?? well the first one i got was a zephyr and i loved it , nice seat and smooth ride for cheap price , ive looked at unicycling pages and stuff and never seen any i just wondered if anyone has one or likes them. Thx


hmm…well… thanks hehe

I had a Zephyr 24" which lasted four years. They have lollipop style bearings and frames that house those bearing holders tend to fracture where the bolts that hold the bearing housings go through the frame tubing. If you’re riding and not hopping, the frame will last longer.

The seats on the Zephyrs, although fairly hard, weigh next to nothing and are almost indestructible when hitting the pavement. They never seem to scratch or tear. The plastic support ribs underneath the seat won’t support a downward force on the nose (front) of the seat without yielding and thereby permanently weakening. The Viscount seat, although much heavier, is more comfortable and stronger than the stock Zephyr seat.

Wheels, pedals, and cranks on stock Zephyrs are characteristic of the cheap, Taiwanese imports like Savage, United, and Torker. They are OK for riding and light hopping but not much more.

My Zephyr served me well while it was alive.