zacks new gallery

I just made a gallery so you should check it out. I will post more pics soon.


:Que shameless touting of other rider: Zack’s a mad sick rider. Yall should check this out.

cool lookin gallery zack. That one meter hop was dope. Hopefully you will add more stuff in there.


Direct link since the gallery is not going to stay on the front page of the gallery forever: Zack’s vids and pics gallery.

That’s a big big hop.

thanks John! I will add pics tomarow.


I get sound but no visual on the avi video. Any idea how to cure?

get divx -->

Totally awesome you finally got the better of that table Zack.

See ya later,


download it then open it in real player or wmp. quicktime does some funky thing to it.

Thanks man…the divx link didn’t do it, but your advice did.

Zach, that’s just amazing. If that had been a bar instead of a table, you’d be in the record book…or are you anyway? You were way above the surface.

no I suck going over bars. I always hit my pedal on the way down.

dude zack,

I bet you could get some mass height over a bar if you lost some weight. :wink:


Sabin, I did loose some today. I just went to subway! I had an olive footlong.


that hop is insulting!!!

nice work, if you hop any higher i wont speek to you again!:smiley:

Zack, now you have a good motivation to break 105cm.

Edit: Fine then Zack, make it 101cm, just jump higher.

why 105 cm?

That was a CRAZY hop! You definitely got some skill.

a little TOO much I’d say!


well first of all zack might be the coolest guy I have never met. That will change in 5 days at Toque. Anyways That jump that zack pulled off was nothing but amazing. Anyone who can land a 40inch up should be crowned king of side hops! You can tell he was happy too look he dident even care about the small drop on the other end. Zack you are the man!! peace out ~

I wish I could hop that feakin highe.GOOD JOB!