Zack Baldwin

Zack Baldwins homepage?unicyclepage? Doesnt seem to me that he has one :astonished:

This is a kinda homepage:

But I’ve heard he’s not unicycling anymore… :frowning:

I’ve heard he’s doing little, but not much.

It makes sense though, A LOT of people quit around 18, 19, 20. They might just think it’s something to do when you were a teenager, not 20 years old. Unless you have some sick motivation behind you, nothing will be there. I guess Zack wasn’t good enough for himself to keep it going. Everyone needs their eye on something, with Trials it must have not been enough.

-Shaun Johanneson

ive heard the same fred.. that sucks.. hes REALLY good

Zack is a good mate of mine… I actually ride his Ti uni now… He has 95% quit the sport and moved on. He just got involved with some other stuff and did not have enough ambition to continue riding. Sad sad sad as he was such a good trials rider… Well I will try to keep his uni rollin throwin some mad stuff down…


Yeah, he moved out from his parent’s house earlier this year, and was living with his cousin about a 10 minute drive away. We rode a few times, then one day I call him up to ride again and ‘POOF’ he’s in Arizona moving onto new things… but to each his own.

So I guess, (if your age listed is correct) that you have only about two years or less before you retire? :astonished: Comon guys, who says we can’t have competetive riders the way into their 50’s!!! Ok 40’s…30’s? Still too old?

A lot of people take a few years off, then realize their foolishness and get back into it. Hope that happens in this case. Zack is hugely talented.

I’ve spoken with a lot of guys at my college who use to bike, skate, or whatever and all of them quit. It’s the age thing, if there is no motive they’ll quit when they get 18ish. I have motive, i’m riding for Bedford, Syko, and KHU as long as they need me. But I guess Zack, also sponsored by them, needed more than just that. He might get into it again, which would be good, but if not then oh well. Like catboy said, to each their own.

-Shaun Johanneson

I’m 18 and I’ve just started. I have no intention of quitting so far. But then again, I’m not sponsored by anyone.

Zack, SEND ME MY MUNI, please.

A lot of staying with anything has to do with orientation and what sustains you. In the end, street riding is so close to skateboarding in terms of attitude, tricks and so forth that it naturally appeals to a young demographic. Trials is great fun and insane exercise but there’s only so many overall moves (endless variations) you can do hopping up and down stuff, and the repetition can get to you after a while.

Muni, however, is an open field, with a big dose of adventure, often transpiring in the wilderness, and natually drawing a close knit group. The varied terrain, skillset and the everchanging backdrop keep things new and fresh, and a group of friends add to the fun. For those of us working all week long, the thought of spending the weekend riding street or practicing trials is not terribly inspiring. But heading to the outdoors and bashing down a new trail with a band of friends is an event that can literally pull us through the week with a feeling of anticipation. I think it’s the pure adventure of Muni, far removed from the urban setting, that restores many of us and keeps us out there month after month. I suspect that Zack simply got tired of doing the same old thing day after day after day.


I disagree. But, then again, I put a street flair to my trials. I enjoy keeping it smooth, fluid, and precise.

I don’t always need new trials challenges. Most of the time, while I’m at school, just having the time/weather conditions to get outside and ride is extremely rewarding, and fun. It’s an escape. It allows me to just be alone, and think to myself, and leave all of my worries behind me. I often find it cathartic, and mind cleansing in a way.

And hey…guess what? I’m 20.

Back on topic, it’s sad to see one of my main inspirations not riding anymore. But, if that’s what makes him happy, so be it. ‘To each his own,’ is exactly right.

Whatever he chooses to do, I’ll still be rockin’ the black Dickies under my leg armor…cutting down my corrective hops…trying to ride smooth trials with a tinge of street flowing into the mix…all Zack B-style.

Gotta give credit where it’s deserved!

I agree with you on why you think Zack quit for awhile. And see your point on the muni part of it. Fortunantly for street there is no end on anything that can be done. Always one more flip, always one more spin, always one more twist. And if not, it’s time to do it late. Bigger sets, bigger gaps, bigger tricks.

The same thing happened to me with skateboarding, and although I still enjoy it I havn’t riden more than five minutes outside my house in 3-4 years. I rode non stop since I was eight, I moved my friends didn’t skate, so I stopped skating aswell. If you have no one to do it with I find that a huge thing, even if there are people to do it with but close friends don’t do it it can still be a pretty demotivating thing. There were plenty of people in the area that skated there is the biggest skatepark in Ottawa within two minutes skate distance, but I didn’t start going there until I started unicycling.

Who you are hanging out with and other hobbies often take priority over other things.

Another factor is probablly at the top, there’s not a lot of competition for him (ecept Ryan Atkins) so he doesn’t have a lot of motavation.

its so sad to hear that he quited the unicycle.
he is a amazing trial rider and i cant stop seeing his movies.

i hope he come back some day and if he dont i wish him good luck on the new projects

Spoken like a master. lolbut I think Zack quit becuase he didnt enjoy doing it on his own. He todl me a while back that he wasnt riding lately cause there was noone to ride with out in AZ. But who knows we can only hope to see his face pop back up in the forums and see some new mad trials clips…

"Why do you like to ride:

I like to ride because there’s always a new challenge and you can always do new and interesting things on a unicycle." – Zack B.


I guess he lied. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. So did I, I always get flustered and angry when I ride, even though all it does really take is practice. haha.