Zack Baldwin Custom Bedford Frame

Alright unicyclists, I am moving to Australia and am not going to need this frame cause ive got zacks Ti one. This is Zacks custom Yuni frame that he got before the Ti from dan. Darren Bedford took the time to redo the seat post tube. It is exteneded and the diameter is 27.2mm. Anyways if you want to know more about it and see the frame just go to the ebay link below. I put it on for 5 days. Reserve is set super low. If you dont have an ebay account… get one… or we might be able to work something out.


You can see this frame in action on Defect during Zacks part of course.

That’s sweet. I would buy this if I had a trials cycle.

i would bid on it but i bet it would go for more money then i have

oh well,. you souldnt bid then at all then because…getting out bid may throw you into despair followed by immediate suiside. :roll_eyes:


oi well can you bid on it regardless even if your bidding just a few dollars so it helps the bid move along? That would be much apprciated. for my sake anyways!



how long is the seat tube ?

The seat tube is 12.5 inches long. Thanks!


Hey man where abouts in oz are you moving to?

If you were bringing the frame with you i’m sure you would find a buyer over here.


Please be NSW lol.

Crap, it went for $108 :astonished:

I only bid up to 60 and I was at school when it ended.

$108.50 actually. I got the frame. The bid was right down to the last few seconds. I’m pretty happy I got it, cause if I didn’t I would have spent $175 on a KH frame. I’m bending 22.2mm posts like crazy so this’ll be perfect.

Is valouni on here?


I saw that you won it. I am bending 22.2s also, my seat is farther back than people with rail adapters put them…and bent sideways.

yea valouuni is me ! AHYHH I WANTED THAT