Zachary Wenner Street Unicycling 2011


There were a few bigger tricks I wanted to get for this, but I had to finish the video before I go back to school. Anyway, Enjoy!

Loooooooove it!!! Makes me feel like I need to step it up. Pretty much all of the tricks and lines kept my attention. Loved it man!

Sooooooo nice!
I think this is the best street video I’ve seen in a while!

such a great video, loved it all but especially your 180 flips. - onto the ledge to 270 off, off the bigger ledge and up the 3 set!!

all the lines were fantastic, especially double up curb-full varial-ride skinny to 180 flip off and the flip up to sideways ww to wall plant 270 - inwards small flip… is the inwards small flip your blind unispin direction or the varial flip at the end?

keep up the amazing work. feel like my video needs some more work before finishing it now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!
Inward small flips are normal. Outspins, varialflips, and such are blind to my normal sif spinning direction, but normal since that’s the way I’ve
always done them I guess?

Nice video. I enjoyed watching it!

That was sick Zac! I really enjoyed it :smiley:

really enjoyed it, didnt realise you were so good at street!
I really like your fisheye too, doesn’t ruin it with corners but still gives that wide view, its awesome! :slight_smile:

Awesome street! Your riding is really smooth!

Uuuuuuhhh, freaking love it.

I prefer watching such creative videos so much more than the boring videos with huge flips and spins (1080, quad…)
Really good video with some clean and stylish tricks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! It’s really encouraging and motivates me to ride more. Hopefully I can start pushing myself to learn some new tricks instead of sticking with what I’ve been doing for about 3 years :confused:

i prefer this video to most of the ones with new “cool” tricks in them. just such a great feel to it and the “old” tricks always look good when used in lines and when they are clean. eg. Chris H’s riding - not a whole heap of new tricks but dang he makes the olds ones look so good.

Something about this vid captures why I ride. Must be the music or something. Loved the shot of you waxing the rail. I’ve watched this dozens of times. Really good riding, you’re such a good street rider.

Awesome!!! You have sick as style!! :slight_smile:

Zach this is so good! It’s really refreshing to just see a chill, creative video with smooth street lines when most people are just filming huge flip tricks. :slight_smile: