Zachary Wenner April-July Trials Unicycling

I haven’t made a video in a while, but I’ve been working on this since spring. There’s a few key clips I wanted to get, but I wasn’t able to film them recently, and the pace of making this has been slow, I didn’t want to drag it out any more. I’m getting a new better camera soon so I’ll be sure to go film them and [hopefully] make another video. Videos and comments are my biggest inspiration for riding since I ride alone most of the time. Enjoy and comment :slight_smile:

Wooo!! Trials!

Sick riding man! I loved it.

That 100cm sidehop looked so easy!

really enjoyed it, keep it up.

that was a sweet video!
haha the head full of rats was kinda weird though

Yea, my sister rescued 4 baby possums, after one of our dogs attacked the mother, and it ran off, leaving the young. They now think she is their mother.

dang dooooood, youre like freakin pro!

Sweet video man! My favorite line was the one where you hopped on the tiny yellow pole thing starting at like 3:03. Missed you at NAUCC this year.

Awsome video!

I like you unicycle too. :slight_smile:

i hate you!! :stuck_out_tongue: you make it look soo easy. great video by the way (kool editing too) :smiley:

very nice! you make it all look so smooth and… easy?
You could easily get 110cm. the hop looked so effortless
loved the pole line, and pretty much everything else :slight_smile:

Awesome, as the others said you just make everything look so easy!

Looking forward to the next one :smiley:

Awesome riding! It all looked so easy!

Oh, I like your uni too:p

NOOO!!! I was gonna use that song for my new video! Hahaha oh well

Anyway, your getting so sick at trials

Keep it up man

Great video! I liked the pedalgrab onto the yellow pole and the rail with the left turn.

good riding :slight_smile:
your trial skills are keting pretty good :wink:

Thanks everyone for the comments! I think the biggest thing holding me back is my sidehop height, I definitely need to work on it more often.

Jeez man, you’ve gotten so good at trials. You could hold your own with some of the best of them now.

Thanks all for the comments. Here’s the vimeo link for anyone else, since youtube blocked the audio.