YYYEEEHHHAAA got an apprenticeship, result = a list of parts for a custom uni

aight, so heres the thing, i have just recently scored an apprenticeship and i am looking to reward myself by getting a uni for a reward type thing, but this isnt just any old stock as a rock with a (ock uni, oohh no this is a telagalapodic assortment of pieces i think will serve the purpose i have planned for them.

Munipedals BMX - Alu - Try All - Red 21,01 EUR

20 x 2.5 - 2.7 Inch with Schrader valve - for trials 6,64 EUR

Rim - 19 Inch Trials Rim “Light” - Try All 36 Holes

  • Color red 46,22 EUR

    20 x 2.5 Inch Luna Trials Tire 25,13 EUR

    Crank - Kris Holm 2007

  • Cranklenght 137mm 49,58 EUR

    Hub - Kris Holm ISIS 2007 41,18 EUR

    Saddle - Kris Holm Fusion Street/Trials 2007

  • Color Blue 33,53 EUR

    Seat Post 25.4mm x 400mm Black 7,48 EUR

    Seat Post Clamp for 25.4mm Posts - Alu Black 2 Bolts 5,88 EUR

    20 Inch Standard Frame Black 16,72 EUR

Sub-Total: 253,37 EUR

I am purchasing from germany as it is the cheap for me and they also have a great range of parts.

What do all you guys think of the parts? i am not intending to do any crazy 10ft drops probably not even 4ft for a while but i want a uni to last whilst being custom and cost effective.


the luna tire is great, gives ya loads of grip an stability


Other than the Try-all pedals and the Try-all rim, I don’t agree with much of the list but thats my personal opinion. The stuff you have chosen will suit your needs quite well and for a very affordable price.

I am curious about the frame. Nothing else on your list is stock or “Plain Jane” so why buy a crap-ass frame. If you have good cranks and hub and it won’t twist, a good rim that won’t warp, a good seat that won’t flex and a post that won’t bend then your gonna break or bend a frame. I might want to beef that up a bit. Other than tha, it looks good

I’d get some spokes, personally. They make the wheel a lot stronger.

As for frames, do people often break normal, steel frames? It’s never struck me as a really important part for a unicycle, especially with a small wheel. It might not be light or pretty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t strong.

Not that I do trials, nor do I know much about that frame.

I’d say get jimmy C pedals, but what do you want it for trials? street? Also what set up do you have now? Maybe you could just upgrade, make an even better uni. Also that’s the frame that I have and it works pretty well for me

This is what I would do.

Congradulations on your apprenticeship. What are you and apprentice for? I got my apprenticeship for cooking last year.

uhm well my modifications on that would be.

Defo the reinforced Try-all rim or even the street rim or the 07 KH rim, but i’m guessing u want the red… so go reinforced.

The frame, get a Koxx devil frame, or if u want cheaper get a Nimbus II (cody didnt break it !)

As for pedals, get wellgo ones thats all try-all ones are and they will be cheaper.

Make sure u change the seatpost if u go for a devil frame… if ur only doing light riding get the aluminium reinforced tryall seatpost it should hold… and a crmo is very cheap anyways just weighs so much more.

oh and get the monty… well i’m saying that and never tried it…

Also check out the Koxx-one seats, i think they are better than KH ones… and alot of people agree, plus they do look really cool… i mena u could get a red and black one which would add to ur colour scheme. They are amazing for SIF…


if you plan on doing anything rocky, get rid of the luna. It grips like glass…

the monty eagle claw, tryall sticky, and maxxis cc are all great.

for about the same cost you can get the KH 07 rim, which is made out of a better/ stronger/ lighter metal.

I suggest the unpraged aluminujm qu-ax fork. fairly cheap and still light. It also look freaking awesome.

the seat is good, keep it.

pedals are good.


Yeah, apprenticeship for what? We wanna know.

Why are they different? I always thought all the Kris Holm Seats are the same (only the look from the koxx is sometimes better).

well there is the KH freeride seat with the nice groove, and the KH street seat is alot thinner than the koxx seats. (I have both KH seats)

koxx seats are nice and comfy though.

aight, lookin for mainly streetish riding, and my choices are made on colors (bling) and price, i know the kh rim is cheaper but it isnt red, the welgo pedals may be cheaper but not red, the koxx saddle is more dollas, the frame is good, cheap and black (noy chrome) and i am not too woried about weight, post fits frame, and i cant get a clamp that size that is colored. post is crmo.

I like the idea of having the frame/ post as the weak point because they are the cheapest to replace and i feel confident they will last pretty good (i dont do any crazy shit yet).

Yer i am spendin a bit on the rim but it is ultimate bling with them big holes for blu rimtape, and the fact it is red. Does anyone have serious doubts about the strength of it?

yer i am gonna get UDC (or MDC) to build the wheel with black spokes.

oh and i want a blue seat to go with the hub.

apprentice carpenter


oh yer if you wanna know what setup i have now, read me sig.

i have NO setup = zero parts so even a piece of rim tape is an upgrade to what i have now.

Looks like a good setup. The only things I’d change are the pedals, frame and the tire. Not too sure about what frame I’d get, but you can get the 2.7" Monty tire from expressivebikes.com for $50+postage (click on the picture above “BBB”, then on "Tires, Wheels & Rims)

And from MDC I’d probably get the Gusset Pedals(white)

also, you really should worry more on how your uni functions than on having a red rim.

if you like red and black why not get red pedals and paint your frame red, along with a black rim?

yer well dont bother giving explainations, just tell me do this do that, it would be nice if you gave a decent argument saying that the tryall will bend (buckle) if it is gonna be too weak then please say so, and i cant find the reinforced tryall anywhere. and as for the pedals, i dont want white, i chose the only red ones they have, is there something seriously wrong with the ones i have chosen?

thanks for constructive replies

I’ve seen lots of videos or tryall rims buckling for trials bikers, but I’m not sure about them on unicycles. municycle.com should have the reinforced ones.

The pedals (to me, at least) don’t look like they have much of a platform. If you want red platform pedals (I believe they’re better for trials) you might want to find some Jimmy C’s, but they’ll probably cost AU$70-80. The ones you’ve got there will do just fine.

I’ve heard sometimes the tryall drilled rim can buckle or snap. The enforced rim can be found here, if you want it in red, you could get it powdercoated.

The frame is just rather standard, if you’re going to spend money on a custom, most people would recommend you get a different frame, maybe a KH or K1.

The 2.7" tire would have more bounce than the luna, it’s also grippier. Although I’m not sure if it would be worth the extra cost to you.

Hope that helps.

yes that does help

do you know if MDC will powdercoat a kh 07 rim?