Yunnanuni: Unicycling the mountains of South-West China, Aug 2011

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! If you’ve been following all the unicycle tours around the world, perhaps 2011 is the time to get out and try it for yourself? It’s the only way to travel!

The tour I’m organising this year takes in some spectacular scenery, starting in the Tibetan town of Shangri-La, through several mountain passes and finishing at the Tiger Leaping Gorge above the Yangzi River.

Dates: 8-19 August 2011
Included: support vehicles, local guide, tour leader, most meals, spare bicycles
Group Size: maximum 20
Days Unicycling : 7
Cost: US$1900
Deadline for registrations: 1 June 2011
Distance: approx 410km
Difficulty: depends if you like mountains!
Unicycling Conditions : sealed roads all the way but all at altitudes from 1900m to 4200m - you need to be prepared for mostly uphill or downhill riding and a lack of oxygen

If you’re interested in coming on Yunnanuni, contact us through the website and I’ll pop you on the mailing list.



p/s For those of you who missed our Mongolia Unicycle Tour last year, check out the photos and videos of that tour. It was one of my favourite Unitours so far:

Yeaah :slight_smile:
I hoped that it would be July as my girlfriend is still in China then… but now I have something to think and dream about.
Is single speed 29er enough for such trip?

Some photos

The Monguni website has some content about Yunnanuni on it. Mixed-up on updating/uploading, or a ‘commercial’?

Well, yes it’s to let our Monguni followers know about the next Unitour :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t been on a unitour before, then this is a great introduction because it’s fully supported. I won’t be organising a unitour in 2012, and I’m not sure what I’m doing in 2013, so there might not be another one for a while.

I’ve updated the website with some of the riders coming on Yunnanuni:

We’ve had a few questions about Tibet. Basically, although we’re not officially in Tibet (Xizang province), culturally Tibet extends over a much bigger area. The parts of Yunnan province we are riding in is essentially Tibetan, up in the mountains. We start in the town of Shangri-La, named after the fictional Tibetan town in the classic James Hiltons book ‘Lost Horizon’.

We still have places left, so if you’re thinking about Unitouring, contact us and I’ll give you more details.



Hi all,

Just a final roll-call for people interested in coming on Yunnanuni. I’d like to confirm the riders by the end of the month. We have about 12 riders so far:

There won’t be an AU Unitour in 2012, because of Unicon. The next one after that is likely in 2013.