Yuni Seat Post Clamp

Sorry to start a new thread, but I just have a quick question, and I’m not at home to measure it myself. Does anyone know the diameter of the seat tube on a Yuni 29er? I want to order a better clamp, but not sure which size to get.


According to this: it’s 22.2 mm.

22.2 is the INNER diameter. You need the OUTER diameter for a seat post clamp. For the Yuni frame, that would be 25.4mm, equal to 1".

Thanks for the quick response.

Does anyone recommend the Odyssey GI Seat Post Clamp

I like it because it looks a lot smaller (better for me, my baggy shorts always get caught on clamps) than the Primo Viking Seat Post Clamp which I have heard is bomber.

Word is born.

I just went down to my local bike shop and bought one right off the shelf. If you have access to broken bicycles you could probably grab one for free. (No, I don’t mean steal one.)


The Odyssey GI works very well.