yuni (nimbus) muni, miyata, dm, & coker for sale on ebay

Boy are unicycles on the uprise these days… it used to be that if you wanted a unicycle on ebay you would find an old “antique” schwinn, a torker, and a “rare” chain driven tall unicycle, these days you can find more, but seriously folks, why not just buy from, the more we buy from them the more they can supply for us. here are the links:

sorry the Yuni (nimbus) is already sold…

-Jonathan Ware-

These are direct from, it appears.

Hmm. Doesn’t look like it is running the auctions (the DM is being sold by a different seller than the Coker and the Miyata), but it does look like the sellers all nicked the descriptions straight from

I doubt the seller of the Coker actually did all the stuff they claimed (like Lok-tite’ing the bearings and cranks, and the Kovachi wheel trueing).


The DM is from, but I don’t know about the other 2. It’s not the same seller as usually goes by. And the prices are a little lower than The DM is the same price as Actually, even though nobody ever bids, it’s a good idea to put that DM on there. Because last year when I decided I wanted a unicycle I looked on ebay. That’s how I found out even existed. It’s good advertising.


Re: yuni (nimbus) muni, miyata, dm, & coker for sale on ebay

Good point about nurchering your supplyer; however, competition provides natural value corrections. In the case of the Flamingo you link to, it might be had at $60 less than at The Source- even with the stiff shipping cost of $30. Given the blatent use of photo’s from, I wonder if they are affiliated; John and Amy may be trying to capture some of the eBay market…


Re: yuni (nimbus) muni, miyata, dm, & coker for sale on ebay

> These are direct from, it appears.

It appears to me that they’re from some unscrupulous person who stole his ad
copy from - the whole string of lies (much cheaper than retail,
rare Miyata, et cetera) is very unlike John & Amy, IMHO.

Man tha sicks that the Yuni Muni was sold i might have bought it if it was any good.:frowning:


i love it how everything is “rare” on ebay

I gotta get me one of these new “trick” two wheeled unicycles:p

My guess is the e-bay sellers bought the uni’s from as a re-seller, just like your LBS down the street. I don’t know if they had permission to use the blatant copy of’s descriptions. has a list of dealers in their site. Remember Harvy’s Bike Shop from the original Black Torker thread? He said he was going to be a dealer. I stopped by again the other day, he now has a standard Coker at $350, 26" Pashley at $300, and several Jugglebugs all with the stickers on them.

So I now have a local source and one more choice. I can order a Coker for $330 plus $50 shipping from or pay $350 retail plus $30 tax and walk out with it same day. Plus I have a local dealer to return it to if it turns out to be a lemon.

This is not a shameless plug for Harvy’s, rather; contact your LBS to see if they will stock more than Torkers, Savage, etc… It will still mean more sales for I think has done great things for our sport, in fact I just finished a $700+ club order for four uni’s through last month, but if I had known at the time I could have gotten the same deal locally I may have done so.

trick 2 wheeler unis

sheesh. i dont think they look like unis, they’re more like bikes with uni seat that have 2 wheel steering. not that MY opinion matters…