Yuni Journeyman vs. Semcycle XL Standard

I’m thinking about getting back into unicycling after about a 20 yr. layoff.

Browsing the website, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Yuni Journeyman or the Semcycle XL Standard. I’m looking at the 24" models, as I think this provides a good balance of maneuverability and speed.

The two models seem very identical and the price difference is only $9. Is there any reason to pick one over the other, or should I just flip a coin??

Last question: Any recommendations on crank length? Seems my choices are 5" or 6". What are the pros and cons of each?

Thanks for helping a returning enthusiast,


Physical details

I thought about this after the 10 minute edit option had expired.

I’m 5’11" and currently weigh about 225, but I’m looking to unicycling to get that under 200! :slight_smile:

My inseam is about 30-31"

Hope this helps with the crank length question.


Sometime in the past 20 years - or more accurately, sometime in the past 20 months something really important has happened in the world of unicycle design which these two unicycles surprisingly do not reflect.

And that great thing is, comfortable saddles hath been birthed. You’ll do your self a big favor if you stay away from the viscount saddle. The Kris Holm saddles or any variation of the KH, or an air saddle mod of the Miyata are so much better.

That’s the only thing I would say is bad about these two unicycles.

Hello ATRannals…and welcome back to unicycling.

A things many of us would probably like to know is:

What type of riding do you intend to be doing - street, MUni, light trails?

Will this uni be for everyday usage, or just now and then?

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As for Crank length… The 5" will get you places faster but you will lose some control… and the 6" youll have more control but you wont go as fast… But since youve been away for So Long i would recomend the longer ones… and then later once you feel more confortable get shorter ones…


For pavement get the 5". For offroad consider 6" or 140’s (5.5"), which is what I used to use for MUni on my old 24" Miyata. 6" is pretty long for a (regular) 24" wheel, for anything other than steep or extreme terrain.

Don’t get any of those. They both have crap seats!!! Get an KH style seat. Or an air seat.

Made the purchase!!

Well, I ended up going with neither of my first choices. :roll_eyes:

After reading the responses and talking with UDC, I ended up going with a Nimbus 24" Freestyle X. It was the same price, but came with a heavier double wall rim, 48 spokes instead of 36 and the recommended Kris Holm saddle. I stayed with the 5" cranks and figured that was probably the easiest to change if needed.

It should be here sometime next week, so let the fun begin again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice!