Yuni Impossible Wheel

The folks at have a whole new toy to play with. The Yuni “Impossible Wheel” is a 20", 48 spoke wheel, with a freewheeling hub, and metal platforms to stand on.

It looks like a lot of fun, but I’m not about to hop on. Has anyone made their own impossible wheel? Any sucess? What about BC wheels?

Is there any difference between BC wheel and impossible wheel?

that’s nuts. what they should make is a freewheel hub that has some resistance going backwards


there is no difference between a bc and impossible they are just 2 names for one thing.also why pay 149$ for a wheel when you could get one made in bike shop yes bike not b*ike i like bikes but unicycles are better.sorry about that out burst any way i think you could get one made for less than half has any one ever done this???my spelling sucks to

Sure it’s a lot harder to ride, but mine cost me $16 AUD. :slight_smile:

I’d love one of those platform ones.


I’m wondering why they chose to go for such a strong (and therefore expensive) rim and 48 spokes. It looks really nice though. It’s also really similar to Darren’s BC wheels from the look of things.


Sorry to post so much…btu here’s a picture of mine…

impossible wheel - garage 1.jpg

How hard and what would be involved in making one with platforms like the Yuni?

I was thinking of making something like this once. But mine would also have the fork of a bike with wide curved cruiser type handles. I’m thinking it would look like a cheap one wheel Segway.



i have just seen your b.c it is cool i would think that the money you saved has made up for the extra difficulty,i have seen them on the net around 140$ with just pegs. the platform things would be really easy to make drill a hole bend the metal and off you go :smiley: :sunglasses:

Yeah it looks to me like they ripped off darren’s design completly. If it is half as good as the Bedford BC wheel its a fun toy to play with.


If anyone “invented” the idea of a 90 degree bend in a piece of steel, it was Tom Miller 20 years ago. B.C. or Impossible Wheels most likely date back about 100 years before that. Both the Bedford and ones are loosely based on the Tom Miller one, I think. It’s mostly then a question of how heavy duty (and heavy) the platforms need to be, and how far below axle-level they should hang.

And what you should call the thing… :smiley:

There will be some great shots of B.C. Wheel riding in Universe 2!

You can see a home grown impossible wheel with platforms in the album below

The only bits that had to be made rather than bought where the equivalent of the cranks. These were just a pair of metal plates with a hole for the axle cut into one end and a thread cut for the pedal at the other.

Tony got it built on the cheap from old parts and it has bent a fair bit. We concluded a stronger axle and thicker metal “cranks” would have been a good idea. Impossible wheel platforms take a real hamering when learning to ride and mouting.


i want an impossible wheel and a muni now i hate you people getting fun idea’s in my head.i am going to get it made in a bike shop for sure though.
p.s damn ideas and no money

Re: coool

Sounds like someone needs some ideas for making money…

the Yuni impossible wheel is really, really nice. it just looks… unbreakable. and it’s really run to ride.

I recently bought a yuni impossible wheel, and it makes me happy.
A few months back, me and my friend were collecting freewheel hubs so that we could make our own b.c. We were planning to do what andrew_carter did with his b.c. so that we could save a butt-load of money. With shipping included, our impossible wheel costs $200. I imagine that making one would have been a lot cheaper. But there were many things about the yuni impossible that i really wanted but i knew i couldnt have if i made it myself. I wouldnt have such a strong wheel, i wouldnt have fully functional parts that i know wont break for a really long time, i dont know if i could even find the parts, i wouldnt have had such an easy time learning(i think), and i wouldnt have such a sexy looking b.c. I dont know if i can fully justify all those things, but i do know that now i dont have to worry about any problems. If uve got the cash, do it, if not, u could always make one for 1/10 the cost.
And i was wondering, can anyone go backwards on the b.c. Im sure that someone would put out a video if they could, but its just a thought.
As i was typing this my friend had his b.c. come in, he liked mine so much that he got one also.

uniextreme can go backwards down his driveway on a bc. i think there is a picture of it in his gallery

BC W = I W with plataforms

What do you think if we call the “impossible wheel” the wheel with bike pegs and “BC wheel” the one with plataforms??

I call both impossible wheels but for me BC are only the ones with plataforms.

I know it sounds a little bit strange but it is the way we call them!

That’s dumb, you can buy an entire unicycle for cheaper than you can buy a wheel. Why would you want such a strong BC Wheel? It’s not like most people are going to do big drops on it.

Re: BC W = I W with plataforms

It’s still not impossible, just a little bit harder. If you have pegs that rotate, even harder and a little stupid, but still not impossible. So I’m not a big fan of impossible.

The ultimate wheel is called “ultimate” because, at the time, it was as minimalist as you could go with a unicycle (I’m guessing–don’t know the origin of that name). BC wheels are a step beyond that. What comes after ultimate, without being impossible?

How about an Extreme Wheel? Or a Frameless? Or a Minimalist?