yuni frame with kh hub

This is probably a stupid question but does KH hub fit on a Yuni frame? I was thinking of buying the KH wheel set that already has the tire and everything and the yuni frame since I already have pedals a seat and a seat posts. Does this sound like a good trials uni? It’s only about 280 considering the parts I already have.

Just buy the KH. You can use your pedals, and you’ll get to try out the Velo.

But thats a $120 more and I already have the KH pedals.

Oh, and that didn’t really answer my question :D. DOES the kh hub fit on a Yuni frame? Otherwise I’ll probably get the Summit trials.

my guess is that it would, if you can get the right sized bearings. which may or may not be a problem, I just dont know.

Dangit! Unicycle .com doesn’t have any 20mm ID 40mm OD bearings.

Ask They’re the ones that will know. The part that is going to make the difference is the bearing diameter. If you can get a bearing for the KH hub that is the right outer diameter to fit in the bearing holders of the Yuni frame then the hub will work. If the Yuni frame is designed to fit a 40mm OD bearing then you need to find a bearing for the KH hub that has a 40mm OD (I don’t know what the bearing OD is for the Yuni, I just guessed that it might be 40mm, it could be something different so don’t quote me on that number).

The other hub measurement that is important is the distance between the two bearings on the hub. The bearings are not the same distance apart on all hubs which is why some frames won’t work with some hubs. Fortunately the Yuni frame can be bent to fit almost any common hub width so that isn’t going to be a problem. Frames like the KH and the Summit have very stiff legs and cannot be bent to fit different hubs so you have to use the hubs that the frame was designed for.

That’s because They don’t exist I’m afraid.

Is it possible to get a bearing size of like 25mm ID 40mm OD. Then get a custom sleeve (shim) machined to go on the hub that will make the 25mm ID of the bearing fit on the 20mm OD of the hub.

I don’t have a bearing catalog and I’m too lazy to look up the commonly available bearing dimensions on the web.