Yuni frame Torker or schwinn wheelset.

I was looking around on unicycle…com and i was wondering if the schwinn or torker wheel set would fit the yuni frame without any modifications being done.
I know you guys are going to say dont get that wheelset but i dont have that much money to throw around right now. all i want is a decent frame a decent seat and something to roll with.
could you guys help me out? thank you for your time. any response would be appreciated.

I’d get a torker unistar black. They have much stronger wheels and also have a decent seat. They’d also be cheaper than the setup you’re proposing. I also don’t think a schwinn wheel will fit a Yuni frame because the bearings are ribbed or grooved (who knows), although I’m almost sure a chrome torker wheel will fit a Yuni frame.:slight_smile:

If you mean This wheelset, it should be fine. as long as you plan to only ride around and try some tricks. no drops at all. welll, maybe curbs. and not lots of hopping. but otherwise it should last you awhile. the schwinn wheelset however probably wont fit in the frame.

im not that heavy of a guy, i weigh about 150 so would hopping and drops still not be an option? Thanks for your replies so far.

As previously mentioned, get the Black Torker Unistar. You get a decent saddle, a nice frame, and a 48 spoke alloy rim for a good price!!!

yes i heard you but the black unistar does not have a square fork which i one of the reasons i like the yuni frame. i would have looked at the black one more seriously but the round fork turned me off.

heres another solution. you could get a black torker, and a couple hose clamps. the you wrap the hose clamps in some sort of tape to protect your feet. not only is it cheap, it’ll last you longer. so what if it doesnt work for stand-up wheel walk. you can upgrade down the road for not that much money.

but it sounds to me like he’s already bought himself a frame. the torker wheelset hasn’t messed up for me, and if he wants to do trials and such with it he can get new cranks for not much

I have a Torker wheelset on a Yuni frame it works just fine. I also have a toker hub in a 28" Yuni frame that I put a Sun doublewide rim and Gazz 3 x26(both from ebay) that I use for light muni, I love it. When you are on a budget you do what you can to keep riding.

A Torker wheel set for a budget uni is fine if you don’t stress it. I replaced an old warped cottered wheel set with a torker wheel set on an old garage sale uni frame and have only bent cranks. Fortunately I stopped doing drops on the torker after I got a Summit Trials.

If you’re considering a Schwinn wheelset double check the bearing diameter, it may not be compatible.