Yuni frame pics

i finally took the time to take some pics of the thing, and ill have some action ones up by the weekend

hmmm, I didnt know the comp III came in a 2.3, interesting.

I want to clarify…I believe the Yuni frame will hold a 3.0 tire. Am I wrong?

Unfortunately it doesn’t hold a 3" tire but will hold up to a 2.6 with no problem what so ever.

Tommy and I both ride 3" Gazz in our Lucifer/NimbusII forks without any issue; there is plenty of over the tyre clearance (where it really maters for mud), but is a bit close on the sides- a bit under a centemeter- the only issue this has caused is occasional ‘pings’ from gravel popping out of the tread.


Oh. I was told differently. I’ll try this out later.

I use a 24x3 inch “Gazzilla” in my 26 inch Yuni frame. There’s not a lot of clearance, but there’s more than enough. A lot more clearance than I had running the 3 inch tire on my bashed in Sem XLW. On the Sem, The tire would rub the frame while cranking up hills. This was a little annoying, but not really a problem. So go for a 3 incher if you want, but it you may want a wider rim. Keep in mind that 3 inch tires are heavy and it’s possible to ride great on a smaller tire. I loved my 2.6 Gazz, but I had “3 inch tire envy”. Is there a support group for that?



Very nice pics! I was told that the 24" style Yuni frame couldn’t hold a 3 inch 24" tire, but the 26" style would. Does it not say so on

I’m thinking of using the 26" frame for my new custom uni. Has anyone had any problems with it? Are machined bearing holders that much better than the general purpose ones?

My Yuni frame is the 26 incher. It’s a great frame. The stamped cheap-o bearing holders work fine. Spend money on the wheel instead of the frame.

cheers… Mojoe

I have a Nimbus II/YUni frame, i’m not sure if it’s a 26 inch frame or a 28 inch. there is about 2 inches clearance over the top, so i think it’s a 28. I have no problem running my 3inch tire in it. On very muddy rides, sometimes there is a buildup on my tire of mud that rubs on the frame creating a square mud/tire thing, it’s quite cool. I think this could be an advantage to less clearence: the mud gets scraped over which makes it a bit lighter.
but the YUni frames are sweet. i got mine last year from roger (when didn’t have them) he had it painted black and brake bosses welded on. it is very nice!!


Mmm, another sweet looking machine which is heading my way!


Re: Yuni frame pics

On Sun, 5 Jan 2003 18:54:08 -0600, Catboy
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>Unfortunately it doesn’t hold a 3" tire but will hold up to a 2.6 with
>no problem what so ever.
>> I want to clarify…I believe the Yuni frame will hold a 3.0 tire.
>> Am I wrong?

nbrazzi is right. My 24x3 Halo Identiti Contra tyre fits fine in my
24" Nimbus II (identical to Yuni). Side clearance is 3 - 4 mm, like
rhysling says it causes the occasional ping.

See <>.

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