Yuni Bearings

Well, we got t-5 days to Moab and today I discover that it would probably be a good idea to get new bearings. I have done searches on this site and I have conflicting reports as to the size I need. My MUni is the 24# Yuni from I have seen OD35mm and OD40mm and ID17mm and 20mm with thinkness of 12mm? I’m leaning toward OD40mm x ID17mm x 12mm. is closed till Monday and I’m a “now-now” kind of person. :frowning:

I’ll check a bearing shop in Pueble tomorrow, with the old bearing in hand. But if they don’t have what I need, it’s gonna be rush-mail ordered, so that’s why Im hopeing someone knows the specs… and by someone I’m thinking John Childs? :slight_smile: I’ll buy you a Guiness in Moab.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

Ed Hansen

If you have a Suzue hub you will need a
40mm OD x 17mm ID

If you have a Kris Holm hub you will need a
42mm OD x 20mm ID

35mm OD x 17mm ID are used on Semcycle and Pashley

Buy John Childs a beer at Moab and everyone will be happy !


According to both models of 24" Yuni’s use a Suzue hub so Darren is right - you’ll need the 40mm o.d. x 17mm i.d. x 12mm wide bearing. That would be a 6203 double sealed bearing.

If you’ve upgraded to a Profile hub then you’ll need a kind of oddball size that’s a combination of metric and inch. It’s 40mm o.d. x 3/4 INCH i.d. x 12mm wide. It’s a 6203-3/4 or something like that. Actually, Profile normally uses an inch series bearing that’s 1 5/8" o.d. x 3/4" i.d. x 7/16" wide. That’s an R12 bearing. I would imagine that those bearings would work in the Yuni frame as well. I’ve got some of all three sizes that I’m going to throw in my tool box and bring to Moab.


Darren stole my beer! :frowning:

I keep extra bearings on hand just so I don’t have to do a rush purchase when a bearings unexpectedly fails.

If you’ve got a standard hub like a Suzue the 40mm OD x 17mm ID 6203 bearings are easy to get and very common. Your local bearing shop will definitely have them. Heck, I can even buy them at my local Lowe’s home improvement store (but they are something like $11 each at Lowe’s).

Get the rubber sealed flavor. Rubber seals work better than the metal seals for muni.

How about for Profile…are those locally available? I have of course never thought about having back ups for those things until this moment.

The Profile bearings are an odd size. Not anywhere near as common as the 6203 bearings. And to complicate matters there are two sizes of Profile bearings (1-5/8" OD and 40 mm OD). Best bet is to add the size you need to your next order and keep them on hand for when you do need them.

A local bearing supply shop might have the Profile size in stock, but prices can be expensive if it’s not one of their regular high volume bearings. The price at will be less and you’ll get bearings that are branded “Profile”.

I’ll buy ya’ll a beer. First rounds on me at the Moab Brewery!

Thanks for the info. OD40mm x ID17mm x 12mm will be my size. I have the Suzue axle. I was gonna post that and then quickly forgot.

Bearing shop closed on Sunday so I’ll check a Lowe’s if I can find one here in Pueblo.

Thanks again.

Ed Hansen


I didn’t steal your beer… I answered to make sure you got your beer !

Read the note again. :slight_smile: