Yuni and Qu-ax weights

I am looking at the 20" trials Yuni with cotterless cranks

And the 20" trials Qu-ax with splined cranks

I am wondering what their comparative weights are. The shipping for the Qu-ax is 33$ and the shipping for the Yuni is 19$. That’s a huge difference. If that is just weight and not size the Yuni weighs 47% less than the Qu-ax.

The other thing I am wondering about is the 125mm cranks. They look way too short. I have rode the Qu-ax but I have never seen a Yuni. Anyone who has rode the Yuni care to comment? How much better is the Yuni’s tire and rim?


Very very similar tire and rim. Negligible difference if any.

I bet theres no more than a pound weight difference. Get the qu-ax, you won’t notice the weight, and you will love the extra strength.

Im supprised in such a big differnece, the yuni frame is like a brick.

Unless you only plan on doing super super light trials, get the Qu-ax. You’ll be much better off, even with the weight.

6.5kg and 5.7kg according to

The splined hub and cranks are really heavy compared to the cotterless ones. Frame weight is so little on most unis compared to hub+cranks that it makes not very much difference.


According to Roland at the 2005 Splined 20" Quax weight is 6.4Kg

Id say go with the quax,
I agree with joe that the splined are heavier than the cotterless, but the splined/hub cranks will last a lot longer than the cotterless (if you using it for trials/big drops). still dont have a pic for the quax on their site?!?
Make shure you getting the 2005 frame as the older Quax frame was heavier and banged your knees apparently.

Ive had the 2004 20" splined quax with se frame for about 7 months now with no problems
The only other trials uni I have riden and can compare it to is the 2004 KH, and they feel much the same in weight.

I now have the 24" Quax muni and love them both!!


Edit: if that is your uni wheel in your avatar, you shouldnt be too concerened about weight :smiley:

how much does the qu-ax 24’’ muni weigh??

why doesnt have a picture of the qu-ax

I havnt weighed mine, but when I was deciding to get a muni, Roland said it weighs 7.9Kgs (for the '05 24" splined)

Accorcing to the website it weighs 8kg


That’s gotta be wrong. My muni doesn’t weigh 17 lbs and everything on it is like the heaviest available.

No, actually, the Yuni frame is rather light. it’s less than the KH 04 and 03 frames. I have no idea where you got the impression of it being heavy.