Yuni 29 vs Coker

I’ve seen many comparisons but I’ve narrowed it down to this. (but I could still easily be swayed)

I would very much appreciate your comments.

Bear in mind I’ve got a ‘72 Frankenstein 24, a Yuni MUni 24, use of my kids’ Torker 20 and 16.

I just need a little more speed at times.

Memphis is mostly flatish, with some hills.

lively,fast,lightweght,easy to find parts,better tyre selection,better everything selection.

heavy,dead ride,one tyre one tread patten,stock wheel is crap,hard to fit in car,your head is at tree branch level,slow reaction time,only faster than a 29 on long straight flat roads.

I find the coker nice because it rolls straight through small potholes, up and down curbs, turns without almost any momentum loss. yes it’s heavy, it it’s also no hard to keep moving once it’s going.

Hmm…I am having the same dilemna, Memphis Mud, but I think I am swayed to the 29" because of the convenience. It would be nice to have a Coker, but I don’t have the space to store (apartment) or transport (Suzuki Swift) a 36" wheel.

From searching the archives, I am to understand that a 29" goes substantially faster than a 24" (with equal crank lengths), but nowhere near the speed of a Coker on flat ground. However, I think the versatility of the 29" is going to win me over…

…VERY soon…


Coker fits fine in my Geo Metro.

but can you put anything else in the geo after the coker is in? the thing I like about the 29" is that you can still do decent hills both up and down, with 5.5 or 6 inch cranks. so I guess I got a mixed bag. find someone else to convince you one way or another. I think you’ll be happy either way though.

Coker goes in Honda Civic hatchback with room for a bunch more. 29er should go on bus or train no prob (haven’t tried it, only 20 and 26"), but not Coker. 29er much lighter for campus and carrying up and down steps.

Right now I have a Coker, a 26 and a 20 in the back of my Suzuki Vitara. Coker fits nicely.

I also have a Nimbus 28 which is (as near as makes no odds) the same as a Yuni 29.

28/29 is a fast practical unicycle. With 110mm cranks it’s easy to mount and idle, and will go as fast as the Coker. (I get 14 or so mph top speed, and can average 10+ .) With 125s, It’d be a doddle.

With 110s, I’ve been able to do easy cross country and light MUni on the 28. The tyre is the limiting factor, as I have a pure road tyre.

The Coker is heavy, it has a weak wheel, and tyre choice is er… limited. Mounting takes longer to perfect. Steering is less responsive. Idling is hard work but can be achieved. (I use 150mm cranks.) I don’t trust the Coker on busy roads.

There is no doubt that the Coker is more fun, but the 28 is more practical. The Coker gets better the more you practise. It is surprisingly capable off road.

As a simple test of which is ‘best’, I have a 20, 24,26,28 and Coker in the back room. Which one do I choose most often if I just fancy a ride? The Coker.

Re: Yuni 29 vs Coker

One or maybe two years ago a question like this would draw responses
that yelled COKER COKER all over. I’m surprised that the balance now
seems to tip to the 29’er.

I’ve been straddling that same fence for some time, for a
distance/touring uni. I then decided for the 29’er (actually it is
defined as 28" 700c but I think that is the same as 29?). The reasons
for my decision, in order, were:

  1. Fear of not being able to freemount. I am still a notoriously weak
    freemounter although the standard mount on standard unis is now
  2. Price.
  3. Better handling (turning, agility etc).

The selling points of the Coker for me would have been higher
achievable speed on the flat (and most of the Netherlands is VERY
flat), and bigger COOL factor.

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Yuni 29 vs Coker

Klaas is right and since Scott Kurland has let this slip, I’ll do it. COKER, COKER, COKER!!! The MUC must have one or two that you have tried. If you can mount one after 50 tries, buy the Coker. You’ll get better. There is literally nothing else like it. There is ONLY one tire made for it. It is HEAVY. There are aftermarket components that you can pay big bucks for that take it part way out of the “this is the only option in town” rut it was in. But even stock, to quote myself, there is literally nothing else like it.

A 29er is a fun, speedy, light little unicycle to commute on. But everything else is still a little pony compared to the Clydesdale. Stop wringing your hands, grit your teeth, grab your wallet, and BUY THE DARN COKER! Don’t think twice and don’t look back.

Re: Yuni 29 vs Coker

Hummm, that sounds pretty good to me!


I’ve been kind of parasitizing this thread a bit (thanks for raising the topic, Memphis Mud!), and I appreciate the discussion on the comparative attributes of the 29" and the Coker. I was quite torn between the two, particularly after you all chatted about the uniqueness of the Coker experience. Very seductive. However, I leaned to the practical and to the accomodating of the smurf of leg and apartment and car, slapped down my VISA and I ordered a 29" on Saturday! YAY! I’m getting a biggish wheel! YAY!!

Thanks for the suggestions. (Now…can I try your Cokers sometime? ):wink:

Re: Re: Yuni 29 vs Coker

im not afraid to take some responsibility for that.

i have never been one to remain silent about my lame Coker experiance.ive been shouting 29er 29er 29er! for 8 months now,when a thread demands it.

i feel that a Coker cannot be changed or modified to suite the rider like other uni’s can. that “unique” feeling of a Coker needs to be loved by the rider or its just to “unique” to be any fun…

How far do you want to go on uni ?

I have and ride both the 29" and the 36". While the 29’er is what I would choose for getting around town, the Coker is ALWAYS the choice for any serious distance (20+ miles). There is NO way that I could have or would have wanted to attempt a California Coast ride (SF - LA) on a 29’er. While it is lighter, it does not handle potholes and such as well as the BIG ONE. The 29’er takes less effort to ride, but it is not as fast either. When I am riding a long distance (60-70), I do not want to be out there all day.

I have heard some criticism of the Coker. How long did Jagur own his Coker before wanting to sell it anyway? Some of the criticism (ie. heaviness) is dead on, but for the open road, there isn’t anything that beats the 36’s ride.

How do you plan to use the 29’er or the 36" ? If you decide that, you’ll get your answer as to which ride to take.

I am going to attempt my first century on unicycle in August. Which uni do you think I should use ? You can bet it won’t be my 20" schwinn.

Re: How far do you want to go on uni ?

Blue Shift.

Re: Re: How far do you want to go on uni ?

KH36 Shift

4 other unicycles, a hockey bag full of unicycling gear, a spare tire, 2 10" subs, a cd changer, 2 amps, floor matts, door handles, Mrs Sofa, a diet coke, and a coffee.

(not to mention the 2 bikes and the ability for 3 more unicycles on the roof)

I need one of those unicycle club trailers : (

I’m sure a 28" would be fun, but had I bought one, I’d still have to get a Coker. Having the Coker, I have no need for the 29" (although I’m sure it’s fun)

The one thing I enjoy about off road Cokering is how much harder it is. If I wanted easy, I’d stay on the road. I find it alot more enjoyable pushing myself with it’s ineffeciency on the trail, having to try harder, think more, plan further ahead, etc… Not to mention it’s a phenominal workout!

A Coker, two freestyles, a trials, a MUni, an ultimate, and room to spare in a Honda Civic Hatchback. :roll_eyes:

p1010002 (smaller).jpg

Re: Yuni 29 vs Coker

I love my Coker, although I don’t claim to be its master. You can’t toss it around the way you could a smaller uni. I’ve heard tell of people being able to idle on them, but I haven’t figured that one out yet, and have dumped it good every time I’ve tried. For me, it goes forward only, but boy does it go forward. Have done lots of rides in the 5-15 mile range, and am working up for my first 20-30 ride up in the islands next month. Can’t compare it to a 29 as I haven’t spent much time on one.

Net/net for this thread: you just need to have BOTH. As someone (John Childs?) said to me recently, the correct number of unicyles to own is N+1, where N equals the number you currently have.

Hmm…my car currently contains three empty bottles, a box of tissues, two apple cores, rubber raingear, 23 insect traps, gum boots, 124 orange flags, one helmet, one backpack full of maps and books, and one spiffy little 24" unicycle.

To properly deck out my car in proper unicycle fashion, it looks like I simply need more unicycles! :sunglasses:

Nice use of compact cars, U-Turn and Sofa! Micro hatchbacks rock!