Yuni 29" frame, bicycle rail-type?

What should the seat post diameter measure for my 29" Yuni if I were to get a bicycle rail type seat post? Would this seat post fit into the frame?

The Yuni frames take a 22.2 mm (7/8") seatpost. The Jim Beam seatpost you linked to is only available as a 25.4 mm (1") diameter. It won’t fit. A 22.2 mm seatpost that will work is the Primo Rod.

Thanks for the help

but why stop there? go for the best.

you can get either one of these from Darren Bedford…they are the most trick 22.2 seat posts available.

Re: Yuni 29" frame, bicycle rail-type?

Hi- Sorry to butt in here with an unrelated question.
But…I’m a newbie with a deep need for a 29". Anyone have
a recommendation re which one I should get?? Uni, Sem…other?
90% road, 10 easy trails. Big Apple tire?
Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

Santa Monica

I am currently using a Yuni 29" with a nanoraptor tire. I am quite happy with the Yuni, so I would recommend the Yuni 29"er.

If you are a newbie you might want to order the 150mm cranks instead of the 125s. The 150s will give you more control than the 125s, but will decrease your average speed. I dont have any experience with the Big Apple tire, but I think it is wider than the nanoraptor. The nanoraptor will work fine on the road and slight trails.

How much do those seat posts cost? I don’t want to spend too much money on the seatpost because the adapter for the miyata seat is going to cost me 60+ dollars alone. Granted you usually do get what you pay for, but the primo rod seems adequate enough. I just want to be able to tilt the seat a little to relieve more saddle soreness.

the AL version that i got was $45. twice the price as the ROD but about 50 times lighter. The ROd weighs a ton! the other version in the pic is a carbon version but at $85 i said no no to that.

look into the Kinport rail adapter, i dont think they are $60 bucks like the Wilder one.

if you only need the seat to tilt a little bit you may be able bend the front end of the post up and the back end down. i did this once and was very easy to do and didnt damage anything. you can also put some rizer washers under the seat plate but above the seat post.

(the pic of the FMF post seems to go in and out so im going to permently attach it)