Yuni 26 inch muni

I might get this:

But I don’t know if its worth the 657$. Do you think id be better off spending 530 on a kh 29, or a 24?

Also, does anyone know if this uni is light? Im assuming it’s quite heavy…but im not sure.


Only thing that woul stop me from buying this uni, si that the seatpost in a Yuni frame is a 22.2mm seatpost. Which fatigues and breaks easily.

Other than that, this uni has no problems, and the fact about the seatpost being smaller, it will hold up for a long time.

Also, if i were to get the yuni, would the alex dx 32 rim or the sun doublewide be better?

About the khs, the 2006 and 2007 are both the same weight, yet the 2007 rim is drilled which is a tad weaker. Id rather have a 2006 because of the stronger rim, but isn’t the 2007 hub/crankset much stronger than the 2006? If the 2007 hub/crankset is stronger, then its like a no win situation, choose either the weaker rim or weaker crankset, they’re both the same weight…Basically what im trying to get at is, if i were to choose the kh afterall, would I be better off just going for the 2007 despite the weaker rim?

if you want a 26" I suggest making a KH 26. KH hub and crankset, a 26" rim, KH freeride seat, whatever seatpost you want, KH 29er frame, ect.

also, one of the riders is SD is riding pretyt much that exact uni but the 24" model, and it’s a great uni, only now you can get cheaper + lighter.

I don’t think there’s any reason to buy the Yuni over the KH. The design is several years old, and it’s only that expensive because the Profile setup is so expensive, and Profile was the only splined setup available at the time.

The Yuni is quite heavy.

Rock one of those for a while. If you manage to bend the cranks, upgrade to the moment hub.