Yuni 26-inch Journeyman?

Is anyone out there familiar with the Yuni 26-inch Journeyman? I’m about to buy my first unicycle–I tried out a few and I discovered I like the bigger wheels. I also got a lot of helpful advice on MUnis in another thread I posted, but the Yuni I saw at looks like a good place to start, and it might be convertable to offroad. Any Yuni Journeyman riders out there who might have a thing or two to say?


Steve, if you’re looking to doing some offroad riding in the future and don’t want to break the bank, I would look into getting one of these for a few $$ more. If you do want a larger wheel, check out the 26" model. These Nimbus uni’s come with a wider DOUBLE wall rim, a better saddle and a wider hub. Nimbus and Yuni frames are pretty much the same thing. With one of these, you won’t have any converting to do for quite a while