yuni 24" muni (not a review)

hey gyus well as you know the past two days i’ve done a Muni ride (where are the videos right?) well there are no videos can’t get a cam.

well last night (tuesday) i came by eddy kmet’s house to borrow the Yuni Muni and didn’t ride it till this morning.

this morning i took the Yuni for my usual 2 mile spin… OMG! when i ride this stretch on my Dx 20" i’m pretty much out of breath when i get back. but after riding with the 24" unicycle, i felt like going another two miles!

i can’t wait to take this on the trails tomorrow it is suppose to rain a bit but i’ll ride anyway.

thanks for reading


The bigger wheels are faster, easier over bumps and more fun. Start saving your pennies, you are going to want your own 24" MUni now.

yup i know!

i already want a 24" i’m thinking the nimbus ISIS 24" anybody know anything good about this… if anything i’ll save long and hard for a KH24 but that may take a while.


Upgraded to the KH moment cranks, the Nimbus will almost equal the KH.