Yuni 24 inch Muni

Great muni for the price. The savage tire is still bouncy even though its no gazz. I couldnt tell you how good the frame is for one-footed skills because, well, i cant do them, but ive heard they are good. The seat is fine, ecept fot the handle, which ripped in a metter of 2 weeks. I upgraded the rim to a sun-doublewide, and i havent had any trouble yet. Hub/axle/cranks/- good so far, but i havent put to much stress on them…yet. Pedals-good at first but they wear quickly. i would give this product an 8/10 overall.

Greetings, I’m planning on purchasing the same MUni with a few modifications (pedals, cranks and saddle), and I’m waiting for the Gazz 3.0 tires to return to the market. Hmmm, I guess a lot of modifications (grin).

I have two questions:

  1. How close is the fat 3.0 tire to the frame?

  2. Did your Yuni frame line up nicely with the bearings, or did you have to tweak it to fit on the bearings?




The tire that i have on it, the savage, has good clearance, and it is also on a 24" frame. If you plan on getting the gazz, you will have to get a 26" frame, and those are out of stock as well.

At they bend the frame a bit so that it fits on the bearings. At first, i was having trouble getting the frame on, and i had to play with it just a little bit to fit it on.

This is the clearance on my 24" Nimbus II with a 24" x 3" Gazz.

Cheers, Gary


WOW! I was told at that you had to have a 26" frame, and the gazz would not fit in the 24". Are you sure thats a 24" frame? What uni is that alltogether?

Re: huh?

It is a 24" Nimbus II (UK), the other pics are here. Some people prefer to have a larger stone clearance and use either a 26" or 28" frame though a 24" should be a little bit stronger with shorter legs, like me :wink:

I have had a few stones caught in the tyre but they have only pinged a few times before flying out, something to consider depending on the terrain you ride.

The exact length of the Nimbus II 20" frame has changed but I don’t know about the other sizes so I would ask before any purchase to make sure (I did).


No, I can keep quiet no longer…

Either the Nimbus II frames are made with large tolerances, or I’ve just got a funny setup, but I presume the former. This is my most recent ride…

That is the frame and tyre from the 20"x2.5" UDC Trials unicycle:

I can find no fault at all with either of my Nimbus II frames, but I wish this one had a little bit more clearance in it…

Phil, just me