Yuni 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub off of Unicycle(dot)com. Yay or nay.

So, I need your opinions.

Should I get it fellas?

Yes. I can’t see any reason at all not to, as long as you can afford it that is.

i second that notion!

looks pretty nice to me, but I’ve heard the yuni trials frame smacks you in the knees a lot.

for cheaper u can get a KH '05 trials
the hub is just as strong (or so i’ve heard, it’s held up fine to my abuse)
the frame is lighter and wont bash your knees
it looks sexier
and if you get it from darren bedford, you will get it w/ the new low-profile KH seat that is tilted back more for comfort, is thinner for seat-out, and feels stiffer (so it doesn’t flex as bad as the old ones)


that’s my 2 cents

the only reason i’m buying the profile is lifetime warranty on the cranks and hub. as the KH does not.

yeah actualy my uni frame smacks my knees but i still love it and once you get used to it it stops hitting you.

I owned this uni for a year, its great, it held up fine, i never had to replace a thing, it does hit your knees but iv had that happen with all frames.

my kh hasn’t hit my knees yet, and thing i like most about it besides its lightness is the low crown for gliding and even standup tricks (when i get to those)

but i understand the want for the lifetime warranty, i guess, i mean, unless you’re super hard core (6’ drops and over, which are mostly pointless unless part of a sick trials line), then you’re not going to break either crankset

Justin kozy broke his kh set like 2 weeks after getting it i belive.

i would rather have a life time warrenty, even if the kh set is stronger, the abbility to break some over over and over and get it replacced than something that holds but might break,and if it does your out 200 bucks.

If you’ve got the cash and the patience to do proper maintainence, do it. Remember though, if you get a KH, the money saved could go towards a Thomson seatpost and a CF base or a CF base and a better set of pedals.

I respect the Profile warranty and that’s why I use profile over KH, however just about any spline hub on the market, with proper maintainence, will be adaquate for you. About 98% of the riders out there don’t need the strength of profiles.

The Yuni frame does knock knees, but otherwise it’s fine. It’s light, durable, and has a nice crown for gliding. The only issue is the 22.2mm seattube. you might need to upgrade that, and possibly the seat.

I’ve had the exact same uni (Yuni 20er with Profile hub) for about a year now and I’m very happy with it. I’ve given it quite a bit of abuse, taking it off lots of drops, doing sloppy crankgrabs & grinds, throwing it at rocks now and then… all I’ve managed to do is scratch the frame a little.

The only bone I have to pick is with the KH seat. Granted, my style is a little sloppy, but I’ve managed to break two stock KH bases. They’re just not designed to handle a lot of shock. I upgraded to a Primo seatpost with a Wallis CF seatbase and now I’ve got a rock solid street / trials uni.

I’ve never been knocked in the knees by the frame… dunno why that’s happening to others.

If you want icing on your cake, upgrade to the Jim Cielencki pedals… they’ve got awesome grip, oversized spindles, replacable pins and they don’t break. Enjoy!

Yeah you might want to try and get one with the new really thin KH fusion saddles, they look like they’d be much easier to hold seat out front. Personally I’d get the KH 20" instead, you are unlikely to damage the cranks, I haven’t managed it yet, you’ve got to ask yourself if you’re really going to be that hardcore with them.

I’d like to say that from what I’ve read on this forum, the '05 KH hub is much better than the profile. There’s no development of slop, creaking, and I guess strength is something that’s hard to measure. But it IS cheaper. if I were you, I’d pick up something with a kh/onza hub in it and use the extra cash to fix cranks when you bend 'em, if you do indeed bend 'em.

The yuni frame that I have (formerly evans) is bent a fair amount (so the wheel isn’t veritical in the frame.) It also only fits a 7/8 diameter inch seatpost which I dislike. You’ll need to replace the pedals on that as well. Go with a KH instead.

I put the wear on all of my unicycles. I weigh about 220 lbs, and I do a little heavy trials. I have messed up too many unicycles, so I’m trying to find the best thing I can. The KH may be a little bit better, but it dosen’t have a lifetime warranty on the cranks and hub. And I will eventually break the KH just as I will the profile somewhere along down the line. But when the profile breaks, i’ll more then likely be able to replace it a WHOLE hell of a lot cheaper then I can the KH’s parts.

you’re going to bend/break that frame and or seatpost if you’re as hard on it as you say. Get a bedford frame on a profile crankset if you really want something bombproof.

yeah, well. a frame and a seatpost are easier to replace then cranks and a hub.

Tell me, how does one break a frame by riding? Granted, if someone parked their uni in saltwater every night and biffed 10 ft drops every day it’ll have to give, but I think the rider would give out before the frame. I’m having a hard time even scratching my Yuni frames, even though they get chucked down rocky trails on a regular basis! I’ve seen seats broken and seatposts bent but I’d love to hear some stories of broken frames.

I’ll agree that the “stock” seatpost isn’t the best, but a replacement, bombproof post is available from Primo (for example) for under $20.

I was refering to bending the frame and breaking the seatpost, but I wasn’t very clear. You notice a bent frame when you look down the the wheel is no longer vertical in relation to the arms. I’ve seen several old torkers (before the unistar) with this problem and my current yuni frame. It’s just something that happens to well used and often lower quality frames, I guess.

It’s a strong frame anyways, but if someone is really wanting to go with profiles over KH because they are planning on breaking them, then you’d think they’d want a stronger frame too that uses the larger seatpost diameter etc. My yuni frame looks downright wimpy next to my friend’s frames.