Greetings! I’m looking at the Nimbus 29” muni herehttps://www.yoyosam.com/products/nimbus-mountain-unicycle-or-muni-29
It’s nearly $40 cheaper, and has free shipping. Have any of you guys had any experience with that retailer? Is it reputable? Should I jump on it, or just go through UDC? Thanks in advance,

I forgot to mention that I found a 15% coupon so it ends up being around $305 at yoyosam, compared to UDC’s $398. The cheap version says it comes with Venture 2 cranks, rather than the VCX on UDC. What might that mean?

That unicycle is probably a few years old. Venture 2 cranks used to be standard for Nimbus unicycles, but they no longer are. They have been replaced by VCX cranks, which may be an improvement, but I don’t know, as I haven’t tried them or even read any reviews of them. My Nimbus Venture 2 cranks eventually became floppy, but only after one or two years of moderate to heavy use. I have never even heard of Yoyosam, but unless they are total fraudsters, that unicycle should be excellent.

I have only heard good things about VCX cranks. They have three holes to allow the effective crank length to be adjusted by moving the pedal.

I can’t vouch for yoyosam.com but the website looks as if it is probably okay. They seem to sell some older model unicycles which would be consistent with the unicycle you are interested in having Venture 2 rather than VCX cranks.

I got an excellent deal from UDC UK on a 32" Oracle in their Black Friday sale. It came with Venture 2 cranks rather than the VCX that are in the description, they are perfectly good cranks but they’ve moved on to the new ones, hence, I guess, the good deal I got.

At about 1:40 into this video Roger Davies says some stuff about the VCX cranks and why they have moved on to them:

I also have Venture 2 cranks on my 24" Nimbus, they have had a fair battering with being dropped etc. when I was learning to ride and they are still as solid as ever. I’d have no issue with buying something with those cranks.

That said, I replaced the Venture 2 on the 32er with VCX+ cranks solely to get adjustable pedal positions. They are the triple hole ones mentioned above, I think the standard VCX are single hole.

So all in it looks like a good deal, you just need to decide if you trust the website.

As it happens, I’m also into yoyos… and I can vouch for yoyosam as a legit retailer. I haven’t ordered from them directly, but I’ve gotten quality stuff from their Amazon store. Chances are they’re perfectly safe to order from.

Also, in case else wants to see something offbeat and mind blowing (and if you’re reading this forum then you probably do), I’ll just leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV0x-dYoCNI&t=14s

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Thank you all so much!!

New Working Discount code!

They have been very good about excluding unicycles recently, but their latest code “shade” gets 15% off and works on unicycles.

Several good Nimbus Unis in stock.


While I can’t yoyo to save my life, I decided to give yo yo’s as gifts. I was trying to prove a point that you can occupy your time without looking at a screen. I gave them to friends family and customers of all ages and was always greeted with grins from ear to ear. All bought from yo yo sam, a great Co.to deal with. I would buy a unicycle from them in a second