youtube and friends

Hi Folks,

I really like the video part of the Board but I also hate the more and more upcoming trend to upload videos to Youtube and all those other video killers.
I know that stuff was discussed several times but it seems still to grow and not to shrink.
Did all of you realize that youtube and co can do what ever they like with your content ? It goes totally out of your control.

I just want to let you know that cause most people don’t read EULAs completely :slight_smile: (me too)

I really like you tube it loads faster than anything on our shitty dial up computer.
The gallery don’t work for shit for me.

I’ve got the same problem as bc…whatever his name is.:slight_smile:

It also serves as a means of distributing unicycling videos to those who might otherwise have never seen them. At this moment in time, I can’t see any unicyclist being taken advantage of.


I agree with Olarf, Youtube is crap, plus its blocked from work so all the videos that are on youtube I cannot watch!

I strictly uploaded my videos to the gallery until it started playing up, since then I havent made any videos. I don’t know where I am going to put any future ones.

Rock on!

Edd, unless I’m mistaken, I’m sure you uploaded your demo vid to google video. Alot of riders upload stuff to there, whatever your preference I 'spose as long as we can watch them.


you got me there! i did upload it to google video, but that was a last resort because the gallery was down. i dont like doing it. also, google video isnt blocked from work.

rock on!


Don’t surrender your videos to youtube. Based on the success of youtube though, I think people like being exploited.

sometimes the gallery isnt working, wheras youtube is always working, i think thats part of it. Also if you have uploaded it to several places, theres no harm putting it on youtube too. Its the easiest way to get your friends to see it.

Does Google video have the same issues? I found that it always loaded faster and I liked how you could download it in easy to view filetypes.

WHat speficallly does youtube do? Technicaly, loading a video into the gallery, anyone can dowload that and do whatever they want with it.

I’d rather videos be at least in both youtube and the unicyclist gallery, because it’s best to have them here within this site. When it works.

I just saw on the news that google is looking into buying out youtube for $1.6 billion!

Google has buy YouTube today for 1.300.000.000 € they told in Radio.
So you can see that they make a big money with your stuff cause they can sell a lot of commercials. I think Google catches YouTube cause they have more users. Now Google has all users.

We ( actually work on a Solution to upload videos for registered users so I hope that we can provide that service (comfortable upload in wmv and / or mov with download link for you) soon.
I know about the Problems with the Gallery, its to much Material I think. I hope that we could pick up so much videos that also the gallery becomes free again for upload.