Youth and Skill - BAH!

Everyone that works here knows I ride unicycles and make parts. They tease me about it, of course, but I can tell that they are secretly fascinated by it.

After looking at my Summit leaning up against the wall, one of the guys decided he’d ride it. I told him about how long it took me to learn (about 1 month to ride without holding on) and how tough it was to free mount.

The attached picture was taken from behind my desk. That young guy was riding the length of the office in about 45 minutes! He even successfully free mounted a few times. He’d never been on a uni before yesterday.

Youth and skill - who needs it? Actually it’s pretty cool though. I might have someone to ride with now.


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I guess he is one of those miracle guys. Who knows, he may be a darn good rider some day. Id definetely not let this pass you by, if you have an extra uni(which im sure you do) let him borrow it for a week or so to get him interested enough to buy one.

Maybe you can even sell him a custom job and charge him way too much for it… just because he learned way too fast!

That is so cool. Hopefully he’ll get interested enough to ride trails with you and you won’t be the only one around your area doing it. If he gets better than you, learn his tricks and then break his legs.

i had a friend that learned that quickly too. he isnt really that interested in buying one though. another thing, he learned in 45 minutes total but broken into 3 15 minute sessions months apart.

its pretty amazing.

My friend pretty much learned over 2 or 3 days. A few hours each day. He’s is pretty athletic.

Lol my friend actually learnt soon as he got onto it, he couldnt perticurly ride in a straight line but he could ride it. Bah so Jelous :stuck_out_tongue:


An experienced martial arts instructor once noticed that many people had a natural affinity for the high kicks of the style he taught.

Others had to struggle for months to be able to kick even waist high.

He found that the ones to whom it came easy tended to drop out, whereas those who had to work at it were the ones who stuck around and became black belts.

Form my experience of learning and teaching skills I would say that natural talent is a minor factor in achieving a high level of ability.

Btw High Kicks and other kicks are affected by flexibility and not skill.
Unicycling is a mind game. most of the tricks can be learnt using the mind and not actually practicing much.


I don’t know if I agree with that. I think its a matter of time practicing. You just have to have the determination to continue.

it took me 4 weeks to ride wihtout help :frowning:

I am with unicycleboy high kicks are to do with flexabilty but,i think that what who ever said about high kicks ment that if you have to work at it you stick with it.
Let’s put this in to some G.C.S.E PE level technical terms.
You may learn unicycling by “Trial and Error” some maybe lucky and “hit” the right method quickly others may take time. Using this method of learning may put you into bad habit’s which are hard to break later.
I think that unicycle boy seems to learn by “mental Rehearsal” if you did not know, i would say that nicycling is a “open Skill” as you are constantly adapting how you ride,eg you don’t ride the same in muni as freestyle.
my 2p

Yes i do visuallise alot, i found out that it was a actuall sport science method at start of college. The thing about Trial and Error is that theres a right way and a wrong way. Think about the right way to start off. I know im right for the High Kicks i do them myself and know :slight_smile:


Sure, the ability to kick to the height of the head or even higher has much to do with flexibility, in the beginning its everything. But that is nothing. I am sure many people could kick me in the head if I asked them to, but 99% of these kicks would not hurt at all because they dont have the form or the balance to make the kick worth anything. Ability to do something may come naturally and with great speed but the ability to do something well…That can only be learned over time and experience (practice).

How tall are you? lol. I actaully disagree because kicks are mainly to do with flexiblity because when i started i couldnt do high at all because i was bad flexibility but. It wasnt the technique either. Im sure most people cant kick me in the head and im about 5 foot 5 or something


I don’t think i could kick someone in the head without falling over. It would hurt my groin too much. :frowning:

The ability to kick that high and the technique used are two different things I would think.

Exactly what I was saying. Some people naturally just have some flexibility to kick someone in the head but they probobly dont have the balance or power to make the kick either effoctive or accurate. Thus flexibility would be comparable to the ability to learn to unicycle very quickly. But the skill in practicing and getting the kick powerful and accurate is like the skills of unicycling and the mental state and everything. So if a person can learn to unicycle in 20 minutes this doesnt necessarily mean they will be able to get better than someone whom took 20 weeks. I can kick someone in the head, I know I can. But I dont think my kick would even knock someone over.

Back on topic.

I was a level 1 in 3 days. I knew someone who could ride a straight line and self mount by the 15 minute mark, and I also rod etrials with some people, and noone had ever ridden a uni. One of the guys could do 40 hops in a row on his first try. Yet he could barely ride 2’ (my seat was too low).

40 hops on first try. Not bad, not bad at all.

If you didnt know a none rider can do hops. :slight_smile: