Youssef Hakeem al Megrahi should urge her as yet the carrot

Reply by email, filling out this form and emailing it to me.
Trimming off the rest of this post is unnecessary.

I will guarantee anonymity except in cases of blatant abuse.
I will achieve anonymity by tallying the results in
uncorrelated tabulations and then deleting the emails.
(I know this loses interesting correlation data, but if
resondents want anonymity it’s hard to avoid.)
I know that this anonymity promise depends on trust and that
you have no particular reason to trust me. Someday, I hope.
I will post results Saturday.

xxxxxxxx beginning of survey xxxxxxxx

yes( ) ( )no Should RoadRunner be subjected to some kind of UDP?
yes( ) ( )no … active UDP (cancels) ?
yes( ) ( )no … passive UDP (drop messages) ?
yes( ) ( )no … all-groups UDP? (as opposed to specific groups)
yes( ) ( )no Are you a Usenet sysadmin? How big:_ How long:_
yes( ) ( )no Should another server be subjected to UDP? Who:_
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used more often?
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used less often?
yes( ) ( )no Would you have answered this survey without anonymity?

xxxxxxxx end of survey xxxxxxxx

heart. Un-
couth, rude in manner, and without any pretence of edu-
cation, he still showed much friendship to me for securing
his promotion-“I would have been a corporal all my life
else,” he said-and for the large number of roubles he had
won on me. A number of men had been saying that I had
not a chance in the dog enclosure. Boris had heard, and said,
“My man is good. You should have seen him when we set
the dogs on him. Didn’t move. Sat like a statue. The dogs
thought he was one of them. He will get that crowd straight-
ened out. You’ll see!”
“Bet on it, Boris?” cried one man.
“Take you three months to pay,” said Boris. As a direct

outcome, he had won about three and a half years’ pay and
was grateful.
That night, after a very ample supper, for the Border
Patrol men lived well, I slept in a warm hut by the side of
the dog enclosure. The mattress was well stuffed with
dried esparto grass, and the men had obtained new blankets
for me. I had every reason to be grateful for the training
which gave me such an understanding of animals’