'you're not allowed to do that'

There’s a little area in Sheffield town center where the ‘Peace Gardens’ used to be which has been turned into a water fountain feature where the public can relax in the summer.

A couple of weeks back I was going to ride through it, but a security guard appeared and said ‘no cycles’.

Yesterday was scorchingly hot and I decided to nip in. I couldn’t see any guards so I just rode around.

then I looked at the fountain bit which is a 4m x 4m patch of concrete with holes where the water comes up. It occurred to me that it would be perfectly feasable to ride between the holes.

I started by just cutting across a corner, it went well and was refreshly cool in the hot sun. Next I rode a bigger corner, with a few murmers from the people in the park. Next a full side to a smattering of applause.

I ride out, commencing the big loop that is going to take me right through the very center of the fountains when I see the approaching guard- “hey, you’re not allowed…”

I smile, wave and ride out to save him the trouble of explaining why I’m not allowed to do it.

Re: ‘you’re not allowed to do that’

There’s a circular one of these near Goodge Street in London which is lovely. I was a bit worried it’d be slippy though cos it was a bit mossy, but even on my narrow tyred hockey unicycle it was fine and lovely and cooling.


I’m new to the forum - sorry if this is already a well-hackneyed topic - but if the local main street (in Galway, Ireland) has a sign saying ‘no bicycles’, should I or shouldn’t I?
I already enjoy the banter with Irish bus drivers who want to charge me for carriage of a bicycle. (They haven’t succeeded yet!)

you are so lucky having buses that will take bikes.

Anyway, if no one tells you not to then I’d ignore the signs, although if theres a fine, you always risk meeting a very bored police officer who’ll make you pay it. In general, I ride anywhere that is open to the public until I’m told not to by any security / police that happen by *.


  • they happen by very quickly, almost instantly in fact in the Tate Modern in London.

I got whinged at on campus a while back for riding down a very wide set of about 4 steps on a deserted sunday morning. The porter probably doesn’t like me now as he couldn’t think of a good reason why I shouldn’t ride down them… it’s dangerous, apparently, but I’m perfectly allowed to try to do a double somersault backwards down them when not on a unicycle. Erm…?

It also appears there isn’t a single park in York that you are allowed to unicycle in, irrelevant of how many encouraging reactions you are getting from people.



If the reactions of people were used to judge what you should or shouldn’t be allowed to do, there’d be a lot more folks stripping naked and setting themselves on fire, I think. :wink:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

on saturday i was riding around a super market on my unicycle, it was great.
i’d always wanted to work somewhere where i couldn’t normally ride .
such fun…