"You're gonna break it!"

I’ve had some requests to put together a video showing stuff that’s not normally done…on a 36er. Although it’s a total coincidence, there are exactly 36 clips, all in a fast paced 2 minutes. (Some of you have seen many of these clips, so this is just a recap of my best 36er stuff!))

The title comes from people who have said it to me repeatedly. Luckily, they were wrong! :smiley:

Morty gets a bit startled at the end, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry… you’re awesome:D I’ll do cool stuff on my 36er as well when I’ll be older… but right now I dont want to break anything… even though you didn’t break anything:p

Good vid, good music choice.

Awsome video! Thats really cool what you can do on a 36’’!

Haha, why wait, they’re fun to ride at any age! :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I want to try learning some flatland stuff. The operative word there is “try”, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone done a 360 unispin on a 36er? That would be awesome!

I don’t know for sure, but I remember Cody (unicaw) trying to do only a 180 on mine, but got tied up on the wheel as he turned it, and kinda landed on the side of the wheel and spokes.

I love it! You love it … and that is good for us to love you lovin’ it.
Another Right Goodie Terry.

Thanks Sean! I have a feeling that the nightrider rim is WEAK compared to my radial’s airfoil rim which is higher profile and more rounded. It seems MUCH stronger than the nightrider rim, and has stayed true after repeated hard riding and drops. The nightrider goes out of true very easily. I should switch them. :slight_smile:

I think some of it might also be the significantly narrower hub spacing on the KH.

Wow, I hadn’t thought of that! Good point. :smiley: Is the narrower hub is better for speed than the super wide hub? I would imagine so, otherwise what would be the benefit of having such a narrow hub?

Narrow hubs produce less wobble at high pedal speeds. It is probably also a bit more efficient and comfortable biomechanically. However, I think the main reason the KH 36 uses 100mm hub spacing is for compatibility with regular KH hubs as well a geared KH/Schlumpf hub.

If you still find you are having trouble with the wheel staying true, you could try the relatively inexpensive standard width Nimbus 48 spoked hub with 48 hole Coker rim.

I figured it was speed related, and that makes the most sense. I think the best plan for me is to just not do do anything very extreme on it, which is ok since most of my 36er riding is on the street rather than trails. :slight_smile: