Your worst upgrade?

A recent thread talking about ‘the worst upgrade ever’ got me thinking about mine…

What’s the worst thing that you bought…thinking it would be awesome…and it turns out that really sucked?

Monty Cranks $125 cdn

My worst upgrade was the airseat I bought for my muni. I love them for Cokering, but hated it for muni. Long live the “Viscount Ass Hatchet”


i was jumping of ping pong tables and my pedals where always bend. So i dicided to buy stronger pedals.

Now me pedals aren’t bend, but my axe has been bend:(

Now i have buy a stronger KH trials and the crank is already bend.


Worst upgrade?

Has got to have been the girlfriend to Wife upgrade. Now corrected thankfully, although at huge expense. <grins>