Your Unicycling "Resume"

My agent asked me to make a Resume with only my Unicycling experience, including any publicity and media exposure. She basically wants to have it on file so if/when any kind of gig comes along that’s uni-related, she can submit it along with a few pics and videos.

Not really sure how much a “uni resume” would help, at least in the entertainment field, since in so many cases, it comes down to a certain “look” the casting people want, and actual skills are not always the top priority. But I guess it’s just another good thing to have.

Anyway, I posted a shorter version of this in another thread about the “best things you did in 2010”, but I wanted to make a separate thread for people to post their own “uni-resume”. Think of it as an actual job resume, but only put in unicycling experience. This can include any publicity you’ve received, jobs you have landed, including “busking”, or anything uni-related that you feel should be included in it.

I think it would be cool for everyone to make their own and post it here. And it doesn’t matter how short or extensive it is, since it’s a resume, you can always update it, add to it, change it around, etc. Here’s mine:

[LEFT]Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson
“Over 50, & not ‘2’ Tired!”

  • Featured in book, [I]"50 athletes over 50"[/I], by Don McGrath
  • Featured in "Master's Athlete" sports magazine
  • Featured on Yahoo main page
  • Featured in Unicycling Documentary, "In Unison", by Joey Neigh
  • Featured on ESPN
  • Featured in four live segments on KTLA Morning TV News
  • Featured segment on Morning TV Show, "Daybreak OC"
  • Various Web profiles, including "Growing Bolder", and "I Play Outside"
  • Radio interviews on "Logical Soul"
  • Selected for Nokia N8 Producers
  • Completed my first Uni Century (104 miles) at age 54, on 7/11/10, with all proceeds going to American Cancer Society.(Included Primetime TV coverage on CBS 2, and print media)
  • Main sponsors:,,,
  • My Website,
  • Appeared in national Ford "Fiesta" commercial
  • Designed and Innovated the first "Uni-Cable-Cam". Specifically made for filming extreme unicycling and is 100% portable and self-set up.
  • Entered idyllwild Spring Challenge, placing 1st in over 25 category, and 2nd place overall
  • Various newspaper coverage, including front page of feature in Orange County register, Santa Barbara Ind., Daily Breeze.
  • Made 67 feature videos in 2010. More than 285 total since 2006 with more than 1/2 million views.

That’s an impressive list. You’ve done a great job representing the uni community!

It’s not clear if this list is verbatim from your “resume”, but I would suggest putting a date heading, and possibly a location, on each item.

I think the only media exposure I’ve gotten was a comment last February in a local town newspaper that said, “Besides noticing wildlife, you might also see a guy named Buzz on his unicycle enjoying the trails.” :smiley:

yeah I asked if they needed dates and they said it was better not to, so it is more “timeless” or something like that. Most of the stuff on the uni-res is from last year. I also included links to all the stuff, so anyone it gets submitted to can check each one and they will see dates also. And your article in the newspaper is exactly how I started! You just keep going from there! :slight_smile:

Wow, an awesome list of credits! I only wish I lived in (or near) a market where I could make use of a unicycling resume…

On yours, if anything, I’d provide more information to explain what you do. You’ve appeared in a number of things, but the average person reading your list might not have a clue what extreme unicycling is, or visualize the different cycles you ride. If it’s sent with pictures, that should mostly cover it.

Also, for unicycle jobs (where the emphasis is on the unicycling and not the “look”, as I have also experienced) it helps to have a variety of unicycles. Do you have a giraffe? Sometimes they may just want something tall, for example.

Oh dear, I can only imagine the extreme things terry is going to cook up with a giraffe.

Edit: great resume, I can only hope I can do something like that with my uni.

Thanks John. I know your resume would fill 10 pages alone! They (agent) have pictures and my personal bio with more detailed background to go along with the stuff listed in the resume. I don’t have a giraffe…they scare me haha! I’ve ridden one before but didn’t really explore the possibilities. I unis I do have are trials, 24 MUni, 29er, 36er and BC wheel.

haha, I can only imagine too, because I’m a-scared to be up that high! :o I really give major props to Jamey Mossengren; he rides a 12 footer in his show! :astonished: He would have a quite impressive uni-resume I’m sure!

I start unicycle about 3 months ago and I know Kris Holms until now you… I looked at your website and videos …WOW! Good to know that over 50 years old able to do extreme sports! I like aggressive rollerblades in skate parks and now unicycle. I will be 50 this year! Your resume is an incredible!

Jesus. You are the man. I was just thinking about starting a thread today asking if and how members of this forum have earned or raised money through unicycling!

54 years old and have not yet Muni’d over the hill. You are inspiring.

John, may I ask where you are from originally and if you like the States?

Thanks John, and welcome to the uni forums! It’s great that you have taken up unicycling at 49, which is the same age I started riding again, in 12/2005, after almost 40 years since I rode as a kid! I’m sure you will stay with it for life and love it as much as I do! :smiley:

Thanks. What I really love is getting the word out about our awesome sport, and hearing from so many people that have been inspired to learn to ride–especially those over 35–who thought they were too old!

I’ve also seen a definite change in peoples comments from when I first started riding, to the present day, where the majority today are very positive in their comments, and are really starting to see it for the unique and legitimate sport that it is! :slight_smile:

Seriously Terry. You can’t really be afraid of a 6’ giraffe. Give it a little time and it’ll be just like riding on the “down low”. It’s especially not that high compared to a 36"; your feet are less than 2’ higher up!

Anyway, one of my few film-related jobs (commercial for a clothing store) involved about 8 hours of idling the in place. :slight_smile:

Wow! 8 hours??? wait a sec…what was the longest stretch of idling you did? Must’ve been a pretty tire-ing day! :smiley:

6 ft giraffe unicycle down steep rocks hills and jump 5 feet down is not that easy and look real scare but if you did then you will be very famous!

Won several medals at the danish trials and MUni championships '09
Won several gold medals at the danish trials and MUni championships '10
Featured in a bike magazine
Featured with my unicycle club in a local newswebsite
Have teached unicycling at several “clown-schools”
Have just become one of the teachers in my unicycle club

That’s what I could think of for now. :slight_smile:

Since you asked and I am proud of my career;
My Resume for the comedy/juggling/unicycle act:

Steven Wright calls hims “Hilarious.”
Denver Post “A hot act!”
Mel Sheilds from Variety called him “Clever…funny…unique.”
Nominated Campus Entertainer of the Year 1989.
Twice awarded Best Morning Show and Best Entertainment Personality by the Colorado Broadcasting Association 2007 and 2008.

Casino Shows

Masque Casino Magic, Shreveport, Louisiana.
Seductive Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Wise Guys Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Pizzaz Glory Hole Casino, Central City, CO.
Hot, Hot, Hot Indio, California
Passion2 Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Zoom Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Night of Stars Cesars Palace, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Bottom’s Up Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Cheers Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV.

Comedy Clubs

Funny Bone St Louis, MO. Lancaster, PA.
Comedy Works Denver & Ft. Collins, CO.
Wits End Westminster, CO.
Slapstix Springfield, MO.
Stanford and Son’s Kansas City, MO.
George McKelvey’s Denver, CO.
Jeff Valdez’s Colorado Springs, CO.
Funny Farm Louisville, KY.
Comedy on Broadway Lexington, KY.
Comedy Circuit Reno, NV & Midvale, UT.
Jolly’s Amarillo, TX.
Alabama Pitcher Show Huntsville, AL.
Toledo Comedy Club Toledo,
OH.Sir-Laughs-A-Lot Memphis, TN
Puzzle’s Detroit, MI.
Hollywoods Cedar Rapids, IA
Deja Vu Columbia, MO.
Seekers Phoenix, AZ.
Chuckle’s Bellville, IL.
Comedy Caravan USA
Comedy Zone USA


Comedy Central
Comedy Channel
Almost Live
Greta Van Sustern
Investigative Discovery
PM Magazine
NBC Colorado Christmas Special
Morning Cartoon personality KDVR Fox 31
Commercial appearances for Colorado Renaissance Fair, Heritage Square Amusement Park, Horizon Hotel and Casino,and TCI Cable TV.


Currently the Afternoon Show on-air talent for KCMV 106.3 FM in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Opened For

Drew Carey, Pat Paulsen, Tommy Chong, Kevin Nealon, Will Durst, Bill Hicks, Paula Poundstone, A. Whitney Brown. Bobby Slayton, Fabulous Thunderbirds, 10,000 Maniacs, Shawn Colvin, and many others.

Corporate Events

Mars Candy, Walmart, US Bank, 1st Bank, Wells Fargo, Breckenridge Resort Chamber, Town of Frisco, Steadman Hawkins Orthopaedic, Holiday Inn, and many others.

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Very impressive! I was really looking specifically for unicycling and nothing else, but thanks for sharing that amazing resume! My full entertainment resume would also be a lot more expansive than just uni, including Stand up, ventriloquism, am & fm radio announcing, commercials, voice over, acting, improv, and a few other things, and it would cover a far greater time frame. :slight_smile:

Cool, yeah, well it’s pretty in-seperable for me. Other than the radio and a couple of the TV credits I was on a unicycle for most all that.

So did most of it include unicycling, or was exclusively unicycling? I would assume that for your comedy central and all the acts you opened for and most everything else was a combination of things, which included unicycling?

Just wondering. I would just imagine that you would have more variety going on, hence my assumption that you mixed in various other things like your juggling and comedy. If so, what in your resume would limited to just uni and nothing else? And what types of riding/tricks, ect., did you do on your uni(s)? Love to hear the uni-only specifics, including the various different unis you would use in your act/shows. Again, just uni alone, and nothing else. Cheers!

Terry, I’ve added an extra one for you at the bottom of your list in bold. When your ready with your photo…:slight_smile: