Your Unicycling Dream Team

Lucas brought my attention to any old thread I made up and wanted to see what everyone thinks about it now.

“I was watching a tv show about Englands Football (soccer) dream team, what would your Unicycling dream team be? 5 riders, any style that you would like to make a vid with, compete on a team with or compete against, your choice”


My dream team:
Kris Holm, Dan Heaton, Kevin McMullin, Justin Kohse, Amanda Gallacher.

I’m sure I could learn a lot by just riding with them.

Ryan atkins, Zack baldwin, Kris holm, forrestunifreak and me.

Ultimate trials team. Forrest wouldn’t be doing any street. I would make him convert strictly to trials.

Damn, I knew I left someone out! 5 places is not enough.

I would go with Kris Holm, Shaun J, Ryan Atkins, Kevin McMullin, and Xavier Collos

and Kaori would be first off the bench.

Haha, I like that. Ok, one sub on the bench for all of you guys who can’t decide.


Kris Holm, Ryan Atkins, Kevin McMullin, Justin Kohse, Amanda Gallacher.
Dan Heaton as a sub and camera-man.

Oh boy, we’ll make a gnarly video!

Ryan Atkins, Mike Swarbrick, Kris Holm, Amanda Gallacher and David Weinchenberger (hope I spellt his name right)


convention party dream team:

pablo rath. wogri. janina messinger. dani rüdel. me.

plus: jess riegel. lutz eichholz. the danes. kevin mcmu. yoggi.

Andrew Carter, Raphael Lasar, Jeff Lutkus, Yoopers, Amanda Gallacher…GILD off the bench.

Ya need a rounded team…

Shaun Johanneson and Xavier Collos for street, Keaton Miller for both, Ryan Atkins for trials(with him hes all ya need for that!) and of course Kaori for freestyle!

I’m going to pick…

Ryan Aktins (Trials)
Alex Toms -Before he got a girlfriend- (Big Street)
Myself (Tech Street)
Keaton Miller (His Trials)
Spencer (BC)

Alex Toms is equally exchangable to Xavier Collos (Flatland), depending on if I would want to go big. Alex is amazing at street, but I don’t want to leave awesome flatlanding or myself out of my own video, Sorry Tomsey, lol.

-I don’t like muni, or freestyle in vids so much as street and trials.-

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I like your team Cody.

me(its my dream team right(big street))
ryan christian(there is NO name for his style. it is one of a kind)
xavier collos-duh
shaun johanneson-duh


kris holm
ryan atkins

Imagine those teams in a matchup w/ judges and stuff
that would be freaking insane, what I wouldn’t give to see that, maybe someone like kevin mcmullin instead of ryan christian though, he still rides a CX wheelset (he has absolutely perfect rollout. He did a 5’ drop today and his cranks/pedals weren’t any more bent than we bent them a month ago.)

Ryan Atkins, Shaun Johanneson, Kevin McMullin, Dan Heaton (before his injury), Kaori Matsuzawa (I think I spelled her name right). That seems like a fairly well rounded team except for Muni…

myself , francisco, cafi ota, ryan atkins and jesus

Shaun Johanneson, Kevin McMullin, Dan Heaton, Ryan Atkins and myself probably…Kris Holm would definitely be up there though.


xav collos, yoggi, shaun, and uhh of course me.:smiley:

And theeeen…
You still have one choice and sub if you need one.

i’d have

yoggi, xavier, ryan atkins, kris holm, saun johanneson

and on the bench -

ken looi

Ryan Atkins, Shaun Johanneson, Kris Holm, Kaori, and Dan Heaton.