Your Unicycle Rip-Offs


post your unicycle related rip-offs (or potential rip-offs) here.

mine is a bike shop trying to charge me $35 for a pedal wrench.

how about you?

a bike shop telling me i couldnt get a knobbly tyre

thats not realy a rip off. A park pedal wrench is like 30$ than shipping so 35 is not realy that much

this was at my LBS.

i went to the hardware shop a few doors down and got a 15mm spanner’ which is exactly the same quality (probably better) and does exactly the same job, for $4.50


best pedal wrench ever and its 35$

and how is that going to be better than a 15mm spanner?

1.)Its better quality
2.)It has 2 sizes
3.)its thin to fit in narow spaces
4.)its long so you can get more tork
5.)the round handle is nicer on your hand
do you want me to go on
the park is the best thats why every bike shop ever uses it

im not ever, ever going to break my thick 15mm spanner, ever. it isnt possible to break a thick spanner doing up pedals.

it has 2 sizes? my pedals only have one, that’s all i need.

my 15mm spanner fits onto my pedal and can tighten it easily, it wont ever need to get into a narrow space.

i colud strip a pedal thread with the torque i can get on my spanner, why would i want more?

the handle is nicer on the hand? im not holding this thing day in day out for weeks, im using it once or twice a month.

i definatly cant see the need to pay an extra 30$.

Ok you dont need it but dont trash your lbs for trying to get you the best quality product. they wernt trying to rip you off

I agree with what you said regarding the quality etc, it looks like a very nice piece of kit, but selling someone something which is way beyond what they need is kindof a ripoff. If UDC told you you needed a KH trials to learn to ride on i think it woud be considered a ripoff.

most cycle related tools are uni-taskers. They only have one purpose and usually cost so much more then its multi-tasker counterparts.

Most bike pedals need the thinner wrench, as a 15mm spanner will never fit into the tight spaces presented by their most popular selling pedals…clipless pedals.

You were at a bike shop. They know bikes and bike pedals. People looking for the chepest tool possible don’t go to bike shops, they go to walmart.

I have the park tool pedal wrench (I used to be a biker) and love it. The chance of your knuckles being smashed into the spokes is greatly reduced because of the much better seating tool, compared to a 15mm spanner.

The additional torque is a nice feature for seized pedals.

It’s a great product. Well worth the money. You can get by with less. I’m glad I have it.

Hey man, I myself am a B*ke mechanic myself and if you came into my shop and asked for a tool to take off pedals with…guess what…I’m gonna try to sell you a pedal wrench! I mean seriously. I’m sure that if they had a $5 pedal wrench, they would be more than happy to sell it to you. I’m sick of people trashing mechanics talking like our life goal is to rip you off.

You found a wrench that works, that’s great, gives a cookie. But the LBS wasn’t trying to rip you off, they were just doing their job dude, get over it.

go to sears buy a couple o’ craftsmans and throw em on the ol bench grinder to make them thiner, maybe weld to sizes together and there ya go, then if it breaks, return it no questions asked, thats how easy it is(and super cheap)

I am with him, if you go to the lbs you will be getting bike tools. That is why you are at the bike shop. And if you ask me the bike tools work better and are less likely to break, scratch, etc your frame. Most mechanics in my town are nice enough to do little things for free.

my rip off… paying $15 for a seatpostclamp that is STILL on backorder :frowning:

I walk into the bike shop to get my wheel trued, he takes it back for 10 minuits, and says this wheel was made badly… gives it back and charges me trueing both wheels (cuz i only have one)… it cost me 35$!!!

I went to the local shop with Dumpweed and the old guy tried to say he had to order special pedals for the unicycle because they’re “both left hand thread”. He also tried to say they were 1/2" thread.

I’d yell at the guy.

My biggest unicycling ripoff? All the hot girls that seem to like me riding, but never flash me. What a ripoff.

I haaa … ummm nevvvermind
im not supposed to tell you that