Your Uni is obsolete! (very cool)

Is this the future of the unicycle?


Re: Your Uni is obsolete! (very cool)

it depends
only if they can make the windscreen act as a heads-up display to flash suggested answer to the question
"where’s [SIZE=2]your [/SIZE] other wheeeeel?

Hello?! I just posted a link to this!

And you weren’t the first:

And I think there are others.


And when YOU posted it, it was about the 3rd time.

How many times are we going to post this contraption that won’t be available for a long time, people?

(rhetorical question)

Gee wiz, I’m sorry. Nobody else read this thread because it’s a waste of everybody’s time and bandwidth per ChangingLINKS. :roll_eyes:


Thank you.

As much as you read(¿) and post (1.64 posts per day) it is hard for me to imagine how you missed this one-wheeled future scooter the first several times.

I wouldn’t say that you wasted everyone’s time . . .
There’s always TT . :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, ChangingLINKS, it’s like this. I joined the forum in
“02-05-2004”; less than 30 days ago. I didn’t think to read all the post about the Segway Uni thing that were put up in 2003!!! My bad.


BTW- We all act this way in Austin. Right ChangingLINKS?

No. You didn’t think to read this thread. Please review Rayden’s post.
Coincidently, I signed up for this forum THE SAME DAY you did! :smiley:

You mean REposting threads?
No. I haven’t seen anyone else “from” Austin do that.

I guess I should apologize for being so “mean” to you.
It seems like you are only 3 (out of 4) of the following:

Newtouni and I appologize to this forum for not exchanging these messages PM. Such exchanges are uncharacteristic of this forum.
We promise to get back to Unicycle related posts.

The difference is, my “obsolete” unicycle works. The Bombardier one is not intended to.

Then I guess that makes this thread obsolete, hehe.

Unicycling will never die!!!

  • calms down * sorry, should of warned you’s to hold your ears.


It only bugs me that on my post i got only two replies. :frowning:

Hey, it’s all in good fun. I don’t think you are raggin’ on me. I’m certainly all cool over here.


(I’m changing my user handle right after this post to something less threatening)

I’d like to suggest “newtomuni.”

yeah, that happens
and when u’ve been around these forums for a while u get to recognise a ‘pattern’
and when i fairly recently saw ‘another’ thread on adjustable cranks, i caught myself thinking ‘o no, not again, i thought this idea’s been dismissed by now?’
and would u believe it, some damn fine ideas came from that thread and it reminded me that the next break-thru may well be just around the corner and unless people talk about ideas, that break-thru might just remain someone’s ‘good idea’ that never quite got out of his/her head

the reason i’m posting this is because i would hate for people who are new to this forum to hold back from posting or starting threads from the fear of repeating posts and threads that have been posted before
yes, i will refer a lot of people’s questions to the ‘search’ feature because the forum archives are rich with uni-information

but please, dont hold back for fear of repetition